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MyChron 5

Mychron 5 

The New Generation Dash Logger For Kart Drivers


MyChron 5 - Our technicians have worked for many years for making GPS technology useful and reliable in the motorsport environment. We have reached such a good level that we decided to integrate GPS module inside MyChron5.
The system takes advantage from an internal wide track dbase, in order to automatically understand in which track you are, where and how many are the magnetic strips: without any further sensor or configuration you will automatically get lap times, predictive lap times and split times.
GPS data, acquired ten times per second, are of course recorded with other signals in the internal datalogger, in order to offer the possibility of a deep analysis of your performance.
Amazing DataLogger Technology
As a serious Kart racer, you need to have evey bit of data you can get to ensure your kart is in peek racing configuration. The new Mychron 5 is a reult of 20 years of specialist development producing the 5th generation of the My-Chron bringing unparalled data provision and reliability as a result of it robust design build.
The New Aim Mychron 5

The New Aim Mychron 5 has finally been released and is available to buy online. Following in the footsteps of its previous model the mychron 4 it is set to be a winnner as far as dataloggers go.

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