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Mychron 5 – Lap Times and Splits Explained

Sometimes people get confused with the Mychron 5 when setting up lap times and splits, so I hope this helps a little.

When in Mychron 5 Display Setup, you can set the following formats;

Lap Display Format:

Static (static lap time during the lap)

Rolling (rolling lap time during lap time) +/- Best (gap compared to the best lap of the current session updated every 50m)

Predictive (lap time prediction updated every 50m)

Split Display Format: Actual (split time for the specific sector) +/-Best (gap of the current split compared to the best split time for that same sector in the current session - possibly this is not related to the best lap). If no splits are set, the second format is not used.

The Menu - Lap Time Setup - Lap Display Time is a critical choice if it is too high (over 7-10 secs), because this applies both to lap and split times visualisation. If too high, the split times will cover the lap prediction or the lap +/-best indication.

Please note, its a great idea to make sure you are running the latest firmware and software at all times.

Happy racing.

Steve Lake