Aim RPM Motorcycle Coil Adapter

Product Code: X50AARPM040

Aim RPM Motorcycle Coil Adapter For EVO4 – ARP04 RPM coil adapter has been properly designed to be connected to EVO4. It filters the signal
Aim RPM Coil Adapter

Product Code: X05ADRPMM30

Aim RPM-ECU Motorcycle Coil Adapter – ARP03 RPM ECU coil adapter AiM is a filter that allows to sample RPM signal from the coil and
Aim RPM Coil Adapter Inductive ARP05 for Motorcycle

Product Code: X10ADRPM000

Product code: X10ADRPM000 Aim RPM Spark Plug Coil Adapter Inductive for Motorcycle ARP05 Spark RPM adapter has been designed for installation on single-cylinder 2 or 4 strokes
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