8 Button Handlebar Control Switches for Motorcycle


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 Motorcycle 8 Button Handlebar Race Switch

Clean up your handle bars with a custom configured 8 button handlebar race switch.

Key Features:

  • Custom 8 Button
  • Road / Track

AiM 8 Button Handlebar Race Switch


This 8 button custom configuration switch has been designed for use on race & track bikes. With the standard ECU and where lights and turn signals are not needed.

The aluminium assembly has been ergonomically designed for easy use and encompasses 8 sealed momentary switches which are black in colour and metal bezel.

With rugged machine aluminium construction, and switches that are fully waterproof to provide greater crash protection and electrical integrity.

As an example of functions you could have:
Dash Mode UP
Dash Mode DOWN
Select / Cancel
Main beam OFF / ON
Flasher / lap set
Left Turn
Right Turn


8 way button are all black in colour & metal bezel
Common Ground
400mm DR25
All Switches are momentary N/O
Black - Common Ground
Laser engraved 1 > 8

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    AiM Motorcycle 8 Button Handlebar Race Switch

    • 8 way all button
    • Width at centre: 13.5mm
    • Colour: Black
    • Metal Bezel
    • Common Ground
    • 400mm DR25
    • All switches are momentary N/O
    • Black: Common Ground
    • Switch Sealing: IP67
    • Laser Engraved: 1 - 8 
    • Wire Colours are: 1 - Red, 2 - Green, 3 - White (no stripe), 4 - Blue, 5 - Yellow, 6 - Grey, 7 - Orange, 8 - White (+ stripe).
    • SP231 BD-SW-8B

      AiM Motorcycle 8 Button Handlebar Race Switch

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