Aim CAN Connection Channel Multiplier

Product Code: 5056421102736

The Channel Expansion hub adds up to four configurable analogue (or two digital and two analogue) channels without occupying or modifying any existing system channels.
Aim CAN Connection Remote Hub Single Port

Product Code: 5056421102743

The Aim CAN Connection, 300mm Remote Hub Single Port, works as an interface between all Aim data loggers and their peripheral sensors via CAN connection. 
Aim Data Hub 2 CAN Car Connection Multiplier 40cm Cable & External Power Lead

Product Code: 5056421102668

AiM Data Hub 2 CAN Inputs with External Power  The 2 CAN connection multiplier works as an interface between all our AiM loggers and the
Aim Data Hub 4x CAN Connection Multiplier

Product Code: 5056421102644

The Aim Data Hub, 4x CAN connection multiplier, works as an interface between all Aim loggers and their peripheral sensors. Available in two cable lengths. 
Aim Remote Buttons Interface for MXL2, MXG and MXS

Product Code: X08RTN010

Designed to make Aim MXL2, MXG and the MXS easier to use, when system buttons are installed too far away making it difficult to reach.
Aim Shift Light Module

Product Code: X08EGF010

The Shift Light Module is 4”array of ten RGB LEDs for monitoring RPM thresholds and lap times. Perfect when you have a logger without display. 
Aim TC Hub Thermocouple Multiplier Type K

Product Code: X08TCHUB000

The Aim TC Hub, Thermocouple Multiplier Type K, controls up to four additional thermocouples via CAN to your Aim logger, to manage critical engine temperatures.
VIM Pre Configured Vehicle Interface Module

Product Code:

The Vehicle Interface Module (VIM), is a Pre-Configured small compact interface module, that provides a light, simple way, to input voltage signals to the dash.
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