Aim RPM Car Coil Adapter For EVO4 – ARP04

Product Code: X50AARPM040

RPM Car Coil Adapter for EVO4 (ARP04) filters the signal coming from the coil before it enters EVO4, reducing noise and generating the square wave. 
Aim RPM Coil Adapter Inductive

Product Code: X10ADRPM000

Aim RPM Coil Adapter Inductive. Designed for single-cylinder 2 or 4 stroke engines. It converts spark plug RPM induction signal into a square wave signal. 
Aim RPM-ECU Car Coil Adapter – ARP03

Product Code: X05ADRPMM30

Aim RPM-ECU Coil Adapter (ARP03) cleans the signal from undesired peaks and squares the signal wave form, avoiding possible signal instabilities due to electrical interferences.  
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