Aim GPS Module for SmartyCam HD Only

Product Code: 5056421102682

The Aim GPS08 4 Pin GPS Module, is a special 4 Pin version of the GPS08, specifically designed for the Aim Smartycam HD Camera system.
Aim Smartycam Ecu Bridge With CAN/K-line Communication Cable & Standard OBDII Standard Connector

Product Code: X90BRIDGE01

The Aim Ecu Bridge, with CAN/K-line Cable & Standard OBDII Connector, is a plug & play car ECU connector for SmartyCam, G-DASH or Formula Wheel.
Aim Ecu Bridge With CAN/RS232 Communication Cable

Product Code: 5056421101852

The Aim ECU Bridge, with CAN/RS232 Communication Cable, is for direct installation on aftermarket ECU’s, to the G-Dash, Formula Steering Wheel 2 and SmartyCam HD.
Aim SmartyCam RPM Bridge With USB Cable

Product Code: X90BRIDGE02

SmartyCam RPM Bridge with USB Cable, is for cars with no ECU. RPM data is obtained from the coil or square wave from the ignition.
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