Aim MXL2 Car Racing Dash Logger

Product Code: 5056421101296

AiM MXL2 Car Racing Dash Logger   The MXL2 is a powerful dash logger for all racers. It acquires & displays data coming from the
Aim MXS 1.2 TFT Digital Display and Data Logger

Product Code: X21MXSA50G0

The 5" Aim MXS 1.2  data logger display acquires and displays data from your engine ECU, the internal accelerometer and the GPS08 Module included in the kit.
Aim MXP 6" Display Dash Data Logger

Product Code: X21MXSA50G0

The 6” MXP Dash Data Logger has integrated shift array, configurable multi-colour alarms, Wi-Fi & USB connectivity, GPS, inertial platform, analogue, both digital inputs, and outputs.
Aim 7" MXG 1.2 Racing Dash Data logger

Product Code: X19MXGA05001

The 7” MXG 1.2 Dash Data Logger acquires data from your engine ECU, internal accelerometer, internal Gyro and GPS08 Module. Perfect for wide cockpit installation.
Aim 5" MXM Data Logging Dash with GPS

Product Code: 5056421101289

The 5" MXM Compact Dash Data Logger samples engine ECU data, internal GPS, accelerometer, gyro and magnetometer, 4 analogue inputs, 3 digital inputs,2 speed inputs.
Aim MX UTV GPS Digital Dash with Belt Sensor

Product Code: X85MXUTV001

The MX UTV Dash Logger is designed for UTV vehicles. It displays engine ECU data and transmission belt temperature via infrared sensor included in kit.
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