Aim MXS 1.2 TFT Digital Display and Data Logger for Car

Product Code: 5056421100923

AiM MXS 1.2 TFT Digital Display & Dash Logger   The MXS 1.2 TFT is a dash logger designed to acquire and display data coming
Aim MXG 1.2 7" TFT Car Dash Display Logger

Product Code: 5056421101043

AiM MXG 1.2 Dash Logger.   The MXG 1.2 Dash Logger has a 7" TFT display, and can acquire and display data coming from your
AiM MXP 6" TFT Car Display Dash Data Logger

Product Code: 5056421100985

AiM MXP 6" TFT Display Dash Data Logger.    Our AiM MXP Dash Logger features a 6" wide colour TFT display, offering a great visual impact. Key Features:
RearMaster Mirror / Reversing Camera

Product Code: XB1ZCAMHD00

RearMaster Reversing/Rear View Mirror Camera to fit all Aim MX Displays and Data Loggers. Extremely useful for road car builds and race car Pit reversing.
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