Mychron 5 GPS Laptimer + Water Temp Sensor

Product Code: X80M5M10G

The Aim Mychron 5, Powerful GPS Kart Racing Lap Timer comes with an option of either an Aim M10 or Aim M5 water temperature sensor.   
Mychron5 Lithium Spare Battery

Product Code:

The Mychron5 Rechargeable Lithium Spare Battery. Save time and money with this rechargeable lithium battery, which lasts more than ten hours, saving on 9V batteries. 
Magnetic Charging Dock For Mychron5 Kart

Product Code: XSMCABATM5

The Aim Mychron5, Magnetic Charging Base is specifically designed to make it easier and more convenient to charge your Aim Mychron5 and Mychron 5 2T. 
Mychron5 2T Water Temperature Sensor Options

Product Code: X80M5M10G

The Aim Mychron 5 2T comes with option of either M10 or M5 Water Temperature sensors, allowing you to monitor up to two water temperatures. 
Mychron5 2T 2x Temperature Sensor Options

Product Code: X80M52TM1011G

The Aim Mychron 5 2T with Black & Yellow, Two Temperature Sensor Cable is specifically designed to monitor both engine temperature and exhaust temperature together. 
Mychron5 2T 2x Thermocouple Sensor Options

Product Code: X80M52TE1407G

The Mychron 5 2T with Double Yellow Cable, allows monitoring of two thermocouple sensors with options for Cylinder head, Exhaust Temperature or KF type exhaust. 
Mychron5 GPS Laptimer + Thermocouple Sensor

Product Code: X80M5C14SG

The Mychron 5 GPS comes with Thermocouple option of EGT (Exhaust Gas Sensor), CHT (Cylinder Head Temperature) or T12 EGT (T12 Type Exhaust Gas Sensor).   
Mychron 5 Battery Blanking Plate

Product Code: X80MYC5TPB

The Mychron 5 Battery Blanking Plate is for when using external battery power. It replaces the battery and prevents ingress of water and dirt.   
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