Mychron 5 Battery Blanking Plate

Product Code: X80MYC5TPB

The Mychron 5 Battery Blanking Plate is for when using external battery power. It replaces the battery and prevents ingress of water and dirt.   
Mychron5 GPS Laptimer + Thermocouple Sensor

Product Code: X80M5C14SG

The Mychron 5 GPS comes with Thermocouple option of EGT (Exhaust Gas Sensor), CHT (Cylinder Head Temperature) or T12 EGT (T12 Type Exhaust Gas Sensor).   
Mychron5 2T 2x Thermocouple Sensor Options

Product Code: X80M52TE1407G

The Mychron 5 2T with Double Yellow Cable, allows monitoring of two thermocouple sensors with options for Cylinder head, Exhaust Temperature or KF type exhaust. 
Mychron5 2T 2x Temperature Sensor Options

Product Code: X80M52TM1011G

The Aim Mychron 5 2T with Black & Yellow, Two Temperature Sensor Cable is specifically designed to monitor both engine temperature and exhaust temperature together. 
Mychron5 2T Water Temperature Sensor Options

Product Code: X80M5M10G

The Aim Mychron 5 2T comes with option of either M10 or M5 Water Temperature sensors, allowing you to monitor up to two water temperatures. 
Magnetic Charging Dock For Mychron5 Kart

Product Code: XSMCABATM5

The Aim Mychron5, Magnetic Charging Base is specifically designed to make it easier and more convenient to charge your Aim Mychron5 and Mychron 5 2T. 
Mychron5 Lithium Spare Battery

Product Code:

The Mychron5 Rechargeable Lithium Spare Battery. Save time and money with this rechargeable lithium battery, which lasts more than ten hours, saving on 9V batteries. 
Mychron 5 GPS Laptimer + Water Temp Sensor

Product Code: X80M5M10G

The Aim Mychron 5, Powerful GPS Kart Racing Lap Timer comes with an option of either an Aim M10 or Aim M5 water temperature sensor.   
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