AiM Front Wheel Hub Speed Pickup Sensor


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Front Wheel Speed Sensor.

The AiM sensor can measure the front wheel speed using a non-contact sensor.

Key Features:

  • Speed sensor
  • 4 pin 712 connection
  • Magnetic trigger
  • Free race studio 3 download

Front Hub Speed Pick Up Sensor

This AiM device can measure the Karts front wheel speed using a non-contact sensor that needs a magnetic metallic trigger to pass in front of it.

The sensor kit includes a metal plate with a magnetic cylinder and a metallic bracket the sensor is welded to.

Easy Installation

Install the magnetic plate on the front wheel rim.

Install the bracket on to the steering arm, if the steering arm is solid make a hole with a 6mm drill bit.

When mounting the bracket ensure that the sensitive part passes in front of the cylinder at a 3-5mm distance.

Firmly fix the bracket to the steering arm to avoid sensor movements due to the strong vibrations of the Kart front wheel.

Ensure the bracket does not get in contact with the metallic plate when steering. 


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    AiM Front Wheel Hub Speed Pickup Sensor

     The Sensor Electrical Characteristics are:

    • Sensing Distance: From 3-5mm
    • Number of pulses for wheel revolution: 1

    AiM Front Wheel Hub Speed Pickup Sensor

    • 1 Front Wheel Speed Sensor



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