Aim MXS 1.2 Compact Powerboat Dash Data Logger

Product Code: X21MXSA50G0

The 5” MXS 1.2 Strada Powerboat Dash Logger is a Compact Display with Standard Icons. Superb high contrast TFT display with customisable RGB shift lights.     
Aim MXG 1.2 Powerboat Racing Dash Data logger

Product Code: X19MXGA05001

The 7" MXG 1.2 Powerboat Dash Display with ‘Standard Icons’ has a Superb high contrast mid-size TFT display with Customisable RGB shift lights for Racing. 
Aim EVO4s Powerboat Racing Data Logger

Product Code: X61E4S5001/X40GPS8AM050

The EVO4S acquires data from your ECU via CAN, RS232 or K-line and also from the internal accelerometers, gyro and GPS08 Module in the kit.
Aim Solo 2 GPS PowerBoat Lap Timer and Data Logger

Product Code: 5056421100008

AiM Solo 2 Predictive Lap Timer & Data Logger.  The most simple way to get your lap times. Key Features: Rechargeable internal battery 10 configurable
Aim Solo 2 DL GPS PowerBoat Lap Timer and Data Logger

Product Code: 5056421100015

GPS Lap Timer & Data Logger  AiM Solo 2 DL, the most precise and simple way to get lap times, with ECU data and overlay it
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