FREE RaceStudio3 Firmware/Software Upgrade

FREE RaceStudio3 Firmware/Software Upgrade

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New Race Studio 3 Software & Firmware Upgrade!
To Be Faster, You Need a Target...  

Brand new Race Studio 3 Beta software upgrade allows you to set any lap as your reference lap, giving you the chance to race with real-time delta of your choice! 

The ultimate driver coach's tool, input any teammate's lap & compare.


We've officially upgraded our firmware/software in order to allow a comparison with a reference lap generated by users, using the Race Studio 3 Analysis view.

What You Need:

Race Studio 3 Beta Software (Downloadable from our Website)

Updated Firmware (From Beta Firmware Updates)

Existing Race Data


Updating Your Software & Firmware

Use the blue cloud with the three dots to go to web updates. 

Click the box of the software and the firmware that you would like to update, and press download. 

After the software installs, update your device by connecting it and pressing 'update device.'


Creating Your Pre-Set Lap

Select Race Analysis 3 (RA3) from the tool bar, select your track and open track data.

In the new window, you should see 'Laps' on the left hand side. Select the lap that you would like to reference, then right click on this lap and choose 'Generate Predictive Reference Lap From This Lap.'

Name your lap, and save.

Setting Reference Lap on Firmware

Connect to your device through RS3.

Once connected, select your device on 'Connected Devices' and choose 'Predictive Reference Lap.'

The Predictive Reference Lap page features two main columns. On the left all the reference lap files previously created on your PC, on the right all the reference laps currently available on your device.

The first time you’ll see this window the right one (device) will be either empty or populated with a firmware generated file: the reference file automatically saved by the firmware.

Select your lap on 'Files on PC,' press the settings cog and 'Copy Selected from PC to Device.'

You can save and transmit more than one reference lap for every track to the device; in this case, you need to specify which lap the firmware is supposed to use as reference.


Setting Lap on Device

(Example, Solo 2)

Choose 'Menu', then 'Type of Racing,' move down to 'Predictive,' and change to 'User Reference Lap.'

You can now race with real time delta, compete with teammates, coaches, and upload any lap.