smartycam 3 sport unboxing video

SmartyCam 3 Sport Motorsport Action Camera Unboxing and Guide

We thought we would revisit our video of the unboxing and guide how to use the SmartyCam 3 Sport. This version is the 1080p with 30 frames per second camera. This video includes the 67° camera but we also have a 84° camera available as well. This camera works at its best with the AiM Solo 2DL Track Day Racing Lap Timer system and Race Studio 3 Software Analysis System.

Here is James giving a great insight into how you can get the best from the SmartyCam 3 and how it can help you get that cutting edge on the track, including the great automatic start stop system.

This camera is specifically engineered to withstand the harsh conditions of racing, including vibrations, high speeds, and extreme temperatures. It's often mounted inside vehicles to provide drivers with valuable insights into their performance, allowing them to analyze their driving techniques and make improvements.

As James explains you could technically install this camera and never need to touch it again. It will record and track everything you need it to and you can analyses this through our detailed analysis system Race Studio 3.

The SmartyCam 3 Sport offers various features tailored to the needs of motorsports enthusiasts, including different viewing angles, vehicle speed, tire pressure, track positioning and so much more. This SmartyCam 3 Sport is compatible with AiM Sports' data acquisition systems for overlaying telemetry data onto the video footage. Overall, it's a powerful tool for both amateur and professional racers looking to enhance their performance and capture memorable moments on the track.