AiM Cobra Analog Channels Harness


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AiM Cobra Analog Channels Harness

The AiM Cobra Analog channels harness is an optional cable to be used with the Cobra ECU.

Key Features :

Analog channels harness JST connector
3 flying wires

AiM Cobra Accessories

The AiM Cobra Analog channels harness is an optional cable that can be used with the Cobra ECU.

The harness has a JST connector that connects to the Cobra ECU. Three flying wires one for GND and two for analogue connections.

Below shows a functional diagram of products that can be added to the Cobra ECU:


UC Bridge - Optional Extra


The UC Bridge is the connection between the CAN bus of the ECCU and the USB port of your PC. It is available in 2 different licenses :

User License:

A Cobra ECU comes with some basic maps that already give you better performance than the stock maps. Highly professional tuners all over the world offer specific maps that better fit your requirements, managing, for example, different exhaust, two injectors etc.

The UC Bridge is required for two functions:
- Transfer new and different maps to your ECU through the User License UC Bridge.
- Receiving diagnostic information from the Cobra ECU.

Tuner License:

With this license, the tuner can create different maps, configurations and strategies designed for the rider's bike. The tuner can then flash them directly onto the ECU or send them via email to allow the rider to download and install them in the ECU.

*Please Note: For information regarding the UC-Bridge Tuner, Please contact one of our Aim technical team for further information.

Cobra ECU Connections - Optional Extra

The Cobra ECU has 4 connectors:

Main Connector - Compatible with most off-road bikes.
CAN Connector - Connects to the Handlebar Switch and Data Logger.
2nd CAN Connector - Connect to the UC Bridge, in order to communicate with the PC.
3rd Connector - Connect to spare analogue inputs and to a possible second injector.

Aim Handlebar Switch - Optional Extra

The Aim Handlebar Switch is the best way for changing the behaviour of your bike; it features 2 pushbuttons, 10 LEDs and manages the following settings:

Up to 5 selectable maps Apply fuel corrections
Activate traction control Activate launch control

The handlebar switch can also be used as a shift light module.

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AiM Cobra Analog Channels Harness

  • JST Connector 08T-JWPF-VSLE-D
  • Three flying wires:
  • Black Wire - GND
  • White Wire - Spare Analog 1
  • Blue Wire - Spare Analog 2
  • 2500mm - Full Length

AiM Cobra Analog Channels Harness

  • Analog Channels harness  - 2500mm full length