AiM Draw Wire Position Sensor Bike String Pot 750mm


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Draw Wire Position Sensor

Draw wire sensor specially designed for high volume serial applications.

Key Features:

  • Measuring Range - 750mm
  • Linearity + 0.1%
  • Signal output: Potentiometer
  • Smallest design in sensor class

The draw wire sensor offers a compact and highly accurate way of measuring displacement and position.

The string pots consist of a measuring cable, a spool, a spring and rotational sensor. The cable is wound tightly around the spool, the diameter of the spool is constant. The spring is in place to maintain the tension and retraction of the cable.


The String Pot Sensor can measure linear displacements like:

Dampers compression or extension, this is a good sensor to log when on the track as you can check how the suspension is performing, you can set up changes such as stiffen or loosen the suspension.

Also string rotation measured through the rack displacement.

Mount the sensor through three screws M2.5 DIN 931 or mounting clamps. The sensor does not have to be oriented in a special way. Prefer an installation position with measuring wire outlet facing downwards if possible. Choose the installation position so that damage and soiling of the measuring wire is avoided.





  • Robust plastic housing
  • Conductive plastic, wire, hybrid potentiometer
  • Smallest design in its class
  • Output: E/E830
  • Measuring Range: 750mm
  • Linearity: +0.375mm
  • Resolution: 6.7 pulses/mm - 0.15mm
  • Temperature Range: -20°c. +80°c
  • Material: Plastic
  • Wire Mounting: Eyelet
  • Sensor Mounting: Mounting holes / grooves
  • Protection Class: IP54
  • Weight: app 45g


  • Do not open the sensor housing
  • Do not let the wire snap back without control
  • Avoid banging or knocking the sensor
  • Don't let the power supply exceed its limits
  • Fix the sensor with drawn in measuring wire to the target
  • Do not damage the measuring wire
  • Do not oil or grease the measuring wire at an angle
  • Do not allow to loop the measuring wire around objects


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