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AiM EVO5 World SSP600 FIM Kit


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AiM EVO5 World SSP600 FIM Kit


The SuperSport 300 World Championship is a motorcycle racing competition on paved surfaces, for production - based motorcycles.

Key Features:

  • Two digital outputs
  • ECU connection to over 1,000 + ECUs
  • GPS module included
  • Free race studio 3 download

EVO5 World SSP600 FIM Kit

AiM has designed a specific connection cable to the World SSP 600 bikes ECU for EVO5.

This cable will allow you to read transmitted data from the ECU via CAN, while at the same time power up the system.

Please see the technical sheet for the information on the Sumitomo connection kit, which also includes the information regarding the pinout and Race Studio 3 configuration.

It shows a huge amount of protocols, Channel Name & Function for Mectronik WSS 2019 V5.

This Kit is compatible with:

  • World SSP 600 bikes ( with MecTronik MKE7 ECU) 
Please Note: If you are unsure this cable will fit your Bike don't hesitate to contact our team. Either by email, phone or our online chat.

    EVO5 World SSP600 FIM Kit  


    AiM EVO5 Data Logger is the evolution of the traditional data logger that over the years has become a standard de-facto acquisition system in a huge amount of racing championships.

    EVO5 samples all the information you need: Data coming from your ECU via CAN, RS232 or K-Line, from the internal accelerometers and gyro, and from the GPS08 Module included in the kit.

    From analogue / digital inputs, external expansions as well as predefined math channels. Sensors can be connected to 8 configurable analogue channels, to the RPM input and to 4 wheel speed inputs.
    You can configure the system and download your data over a secure Wi-Fi connection, even if your Bike is 100 meters away from you.

    The GPS Module included in the kit. Represents a true revolution in racing data acquisition. As soon as you start your track session you can immediately sample lap and split times as well as speed, position and acceleration. As well as all the information needed to tune your engine and help improve your driving technique.





    Add optional expansion modules via the built in CAN bus



    Channel Expansion: Add an extra 4 0-5 analogue channels

    LCU-One Lambda Controller: Wide band Lambda controller LCU-One, with a Bosch LSU 4.9 probe, providing all air/fuel data, lambda value and exhaust gas temperature.

    SmartyCam Cameras: HD camera that overlays on video the data sampled by your logger.

    GS-Dash: Visualise all data being recorded by the EVO5 logger.

    Data recorded by the EVO5 can be downloaded to a PC and analysed with Race Studio 3 software. Showing graphs, histograms and tables will help you evaluate your performance.

    Unlock your potential

    AiM EVO5 World SSP600 FIM Kit


    • ECU Connection: CAN, RS232 or K-Line 
    • External Modules: GPS Module, Channel Expansion, TC Hub, Lambda Controller, SmartyCam HD
    • Analog Inputs: 8 fully configurable, 0-5V, 0-12V, K thermocouples, Max freq 1 KHz each
    • Digital Inputs: 2 up to 1 A each
    • Second CAN: Yes
    • Wi-Fi Connection: Yes
    • Internal Memory: 4GB
    • Connectors: 2 Motorsport
    • Body: Anodized Aluminium
    • LEDs: 1 system status
    • Weight: 300g
    • Waterproof: IP65
    • Dimensions: 114.4 x 47.2 x 58.8mm



      AiM EVO5 World SSP600 FIM Kit

      • EVO5 with GPS

      Connection Kit

      • x 1 6 pin male Sumitomo connector
      • x 4 Sumitomo connector male pins
      • x 4 rubber wire seals
      • x 2 dummy plugs