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AiM PDM08 Power Distribution Module.

The AiM PDM08 has been designed to distribute power to multiple circuits on your vehicle.

Key Features:

  • 8 High Side Outputs
  • 6 Inputs
  • Controls multiple vehicle circuits 
  • Data logging facility
  • 8 Status LEDs
  • Free Race Studio 3 Download
  • ECU connections, for getting data from your ECU
  • Dash controller, for easily managing a 6" or 10" dash
  • Data logging
  • 9 axis EMU platform
  • Mirror and reverse camera compatible

The AiM PDM08 is a 8 channel advanced power distribution module designed to power a multitude of vehicle circuits removing the need for traditional fuse boxes and relays.

It allows for a simplified wiring harness with increased reliability and control functions. The PDM08 is available on its own or with a choice of 6" or 10" dash displays. 

PDM08 Connection Example

PDM08 Power Outputs

The PDM08 features 8 high sided outputs and 4 half bridge outputs.

. High Power: Continuous current 20A
. Medium Power: Continuous current 15A 8
. Low Power: Continuous current 10A
. Half Bridge:
. Total continuous max current 120A


Each of the outputs provides feedback to the data logger to provide vital information such as open circuits, short circuits, high / low voltage, the number of fault retires and the time between the reties is user definable. All outputs can be configured as PWM's for a soft start / stop. All of the PDM circuits can be set up and monitored via our Race Studio 3 Software.

Special Functions

Some "black boxes" are available for simplifying the configuration.
For example, the Wiper may be managed by the LIN connection or using the Half Bridges.

In this case, you may take advantage by a virtual object like the following one:

PDM Inputs

. Analog/Digital: 6
. Only digital:

. Speed 2

If configured as Analog inputs, it is possible to activate an internal 2K Ohm resistor, for connecting most of the sensors directly.

If configured as Digital Inputs, it is possible to activate a 10K Ohm Pull Up or a 10K Ohm Pull Down.

PDM08 Data Management

The PDM08 is capable of receiving and recording data from the following sources:

ECU - Over 1000 protocols available / Digital / Analogue Inputs / Internal 9 axis EMU / GPS - Lap time and position / Expansions / Push buttons - From R1O02 module or any commercial CAN keypad / PDM outputs - Currents and status of each channel individually / Other user defined math channels.

GPS Options

The GPS module option provides easy lap timing and lap position for track mapping with over 4000 tracks on the database.

Dash Display Options

Suitable for replacing all of the dashboard gauges and warning lamps these TFT dash displays are available in 6" and 10" versions.

Both versions have fully user configurable displays and offer a range of layouts.

Turn Your Dash/Logger Into A Rearview Mirror

Data Logger

An internal data logger is available, capable of recording all the analog inputs, digital inputs, ECU channels, GPS values, Currents, status of all the Power Outputs. Here an example of what the recorded data may show, during engine cranking.

Prepare to unlock your potential

Our mission is to help educate you and enable you to get the most out of your AiM data equipment… whether you are new to racing or a seasoned professional, there is always something new to learn.


  • Inputs - 6 fully configurable, max 500 Hz each
  • Power Outputs - 8 rated up to 20 A (mid power)
    Protected for: over voltage, under voltage, over current,
    over temperature
  • Lin Bus - 1
  • CAN Connections - 3
  • Intertial Platform - 3 axis +5G accelerometer + 3 axis gyro + 3 axis magnetomter
  • Internal Memory - 4 GB
  • External Modules - GPS Module, Channel Expansion, TC Hub, Lambda Controller, SmartyCam HD, Formula Steering Wheel, Remote I/O Pushbutton Module 
  • External Analogue Camera Input - NO
  • Body - Anodised Aluminium
  • Waterproof - IP65
  • Dimensions - 161 x 100.6 x 50.6 mm





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AiM PDM08 360° View

AiM PDM08 Power Distribution Module

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