AiM Sensor Rotative Pot and Cable Motocross


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AiM Throttle Potentiometer

The AiM throttle potentiometer can measure the restive displacement between two different points.

Key Features:

  • Throttle position
  • 4 pin male binder
  • Free race studio 3 download

Throttle Pot & Cable

The sensor has been designed to measure rotational displacements between a fixed point, called “reference point”, and a movable one.

The first installation step consists in fixing the potentiometer to the chassis using two M3 screws or a self-made iron bracket. Once the sensor mounted on your vehicle, you can connect the rotating cursor to the throttle or to the pedal or to other moving elements.


Please ensure that when the throttle is in its “zero position” (i.e. when the throttle is not pressed), the potentiometer is in its “zero position” too and when the throttle is completely pressed, the potentiometer is in its “high” position.

This instrument’s mechanical measure range goes up to 130°, while the electrical measure range goes up to 106°. Please, do not exceed the instrument maximum measure range. If you need to measure bigger displacements, please use a different sensor: an incorrect use may seriously damage the sensor.

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    AiM Throttle Rotative Pot and Cable

    The potentiometer electrical characteristics are:

    • Nominal Resistance: 5K Linear
    • Tolerance: +20%
    • Linearity: +2%
    • Electrical Displacement: 106°

    The potentiometer mechanical characteristics are:

    • Mechanical Displacement: 130°
    • Fatigue Life: 10 complete cycles
    • Cable Length: 240mm

    The potentiometer cable ends with a 4 pin Binder 719 male plastic connector. The image below shows the connector pinout from solder termination view.


    AiM Throttle Rotative Pot and Cable