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Aim Solo 2 GPS Track Day Racing Lap Timer and Data Logger


Get ready to extend the size of your trophy cabinet! The AiM Solo 2 is here to help you go faster and pick up more silverware. As the most widely...

Get ready to extend the size of your trophy cabinet! The AiM Solo 2 is here to help you go faster and pick up more silverware.

As the most widely used data lap timer and logger in the industry, the Solo 2 is regularly seen in racing tracks and motorsport events across the world. Used by countless hobbyists and professional racers, the Solo 2 provides an all-in-one lap timer and logger solution – including real-time GPS speed, lap timing, splits, live delta and predictive lap times. If you’re looking to gain an edge over your competition, make sure to take advantage of the essential information provided by this unit.


Features and benefits

Lap timing 

Record your lap times while referencing your current lap with the best lap of the session 

LED light indicators

Configurable LED lights to indicate if you are on a faster or slower lap/split.

Display parameters

Show up to 4 parameters on the screen for real-time data, such as delta time, rolling time, predictive time, vehicle GPS speed and lap number.

7 display colours

Even with limited visibility or poor track conditions, you can choose from 7 LED display colours to ensure you can clearly see the data on the screen.

Simple data analysis and upload

View your performance data on the LCD dash display or use WiFi to easily download the data to the Race Studio 3 software on a laptop for extended analysis.

2 lap modes

‘Speed mode’ for circuit racing or ‘performance mode’ for A to B racing (drag racing, hill climb rally, etc.).

Pre-loaded track database

Over 3,000 tracks from around the globe are pre-installed in Solo 2’s memory. This allows the device to automatically identify your position and start sampling lap times.

Self-learning function

If a track is not on the database, the Solo 2 uses its self-learning function to identify GPS coordinates of your location. After a few laps, the Solo 2 recognises that you are driving around a circuit and will automatically start to display your lap time. At the end of the session, you can save this track into the Solo 2’s database. The next time you attend this race track, the Solo 2 will be ready to start displaying data from lap 1.

Advanced GPS technology

To ensure you are receiving the most accurate data speed and position information, the Solo 2 uses data from two satellite constellations (GPS and Glonass). The advanced GPS tracking ensures that you receive lap time data that is accurate to a tolerance of two-hundredths of a second.

Race Studio 3

The powerful Race Studio 3 is provided as a free download when purchasing Solo 2. The software is used by hobbyists, pro-level drivers, coaches, and engineers to provide objective support for performance improvements. With the easy-to-understand graphs, histograms and tables, you can exploit the information to gain time on the race track.


    • Display: Graphical

    • Display resolution:128x64 pixels

    • Display pages: Up to 8 freely configurable

    • Back light:7 configurable RGB colors

    • Shift lights/alarm LEDs:10 configurable RGB LEDs

    • Integrated track database:Yes

    • Inertial platform:Internal 3 axis ±5G accelerometer + 3 axis gyro + 3 axis magnetometer

    • Wi-Fi connection: Yes

    • GPS: 10 Hz External power:12 V

    • Memory: 4 GB

    • Battery type: Rechargeable Lithium

    • Pushbuttons: Metallic

    • Dimensions: 98.0x73.7x30.2 mm

    • Weight: 240 g, battery included

    • Waterproof: IP65



    Solo 2 Front View SOLO-2-Rear-View SOLO-2-Side-View

    • Aim Solo 2 GPS Car Racing Trackday Lap Timer
    • Power cable with car lighter socket,
    • Power cable with AC adapter,
    • Mounting bracket with screws,
    • User manual,
    • Software installation CD,
    • Aim sticker