BMW S1000RR & S1000RR HP4 SOLO 2 DL Plug & Play Kit


The BMW S1000RR & S1000RR HP4 SOLO 2 DL Plug & Play Kit allows easy connection to the...

The BMW S1000RR & S1000RR HP4 SOLO 2 DL Plug & Play Kit allows easy connection to the Solo 2 DL to your bike ECU.

Connect the Solo 2 DL to your BMW’s ECU (DLC connector) – typically found under the seat - and get all the engine performance information you need in a single dash.

Whether on track or the open road, this data logger displays and records a wealth of engine parameters - such as RPM, gear, throttle position, air temperature, wheel speed and more. Later, this information can be uploaded to our Race Studio 3 program to help you examine the data using graphs, charts and histograms.

The kit includes an ECU connection cable (DLC connector) and a mounting bracket for easy installation.

The kit is compatible with the following BMW bike models:

  • BMW S1000RR 2009 - 2014
  • BMW S1000RR 2015- 2019
  • BMW S1000RR HP4 2013 – 2014


What’s more, the Solo 2 DL provides you with plenty of other features:

  • Live lap time information such as lap number, GPS speed, delta time, etc.
  • Track your current lap with the best in session.
  • Configure side LED lights to show RPM or shift lights.
  • An optional connection port for our Smartycam onboard video camera or the EVO4s expansion unit.
  • Choice of 7 LED display colours to ensure clear visibility of on-screen information.
  • Pre-loaded database of over 3000 tracks worldwide.
  • Self-learning function for unrecognised track locations
  • Advanced GPS technology that is accurate to a tolerance of two-hundredths of a second.


List of available ECG channels for the BMW S1000RR:



Front wheel speed - HP4  

Vehicle speed - HP4  

Rear wheel speed - HP4  

Front wheel speed  

Rear wheel speed  

Throttle position sensor  

Accelerator handgrip position sensor  

Water temperature  

Neutral gear sensor  

Clutch switch  

Side stand switch  

Front brake pressure  

Rear brake pressure  

Roll rate  

Lateral accelerometer  

Yaw rate  

Vertical accelerometer  

Longitudinal accelerometer  

Longitudinal accelerometer - HP4  

ABS off status (alarm)  

Front suspension potentiometer - HP4  

Rear suspension potentiometer - HP4  

Banking angle - HP4  

Brake failure (error)  

Traction Control active status  

Traction Control selection – HP4  

Traction Control OFF status (alarm)  

Intake air temperature  

Engine status check (alarm)  

Oil pressure switch (alarm)  

EWS contro  

Engine map selection  

Engine map menu  


Technical note: not all data channels outlined in the ECU template are validated for each manufacturer model or variant; some of the outlined channels are model and year specific, and therefore may not be applicable; channels labelled “HP4” are only available on BMW S1000RR HP4 2013-2014 bikes.


List of available ECG channels for the BMW S1000RR 2015- 2019:




Front wheel speed  

Water temperature  

Longitudinal accelerometer  

Lateral accelerometer  

Vertical accelerometer  

Roll rate  

Yaw rate  

Water temperature  

Intake air temperature  

BrakePressF Front brake pressure  

BrakePressR Rear brake pressure  

Banking Banking angle  

Throttle position sensor  

Handgrip throttle position sensor  

Total torque reduction  

Torque reduction by Automatic Stability Control  

Tyre grip by Automatic Stability Control  

Actual wheel torque  

Launch control  

Traction control level selection  

ABS active status  

Lift control  

Front dampers travel in mm  

Rear dampers travel in mm  

Fuel injection (millilitres)  

Low oil level switch (alarm)  

Automatic Stability Control ON status  

Malfunctioning indicator lamp (alarm)  

Rear dampers rebound set  

Front dampers rebound set  

Rear dampers bump set  

Front dampers bump set  


    • Display: Graphical
    • Display resolution:128x64 pixels
    • Display pages: Up to 8 freely configurable
    • Back light:7 configurable RGB colors
    • Shift lights/alarm LEDs:10 configurable RGB LEDs
    • Integrated track database:Yes
    • Inertial platform:Internal 3 axis ±5G accelerometer + 3 axis gyro + 3 axis magnetometer
    • Wi-Fi connection: Yes
    • GPS: 10 Hz External power:12 V
    • Memory: 4 GB
    • Battery type: Rechargeable Lithium
    • Pushbuttons: Metallic
    • Dimensions: 98.0x73.7x30.2 mm
    • Weight: 240 g, battery included
    • Waterproof: IP65
    Solo DL 2  Motorcycle ECU connection: CAN, RS232 or K-Line to 1,000 + industry leading ECUs


    Solo 2 Front View SOLO-2-Rear-View SOLO-2-Side-View


    • Aim Solo 2 DL GPS Lap Timer
    • BMW Ecu and power connection lead
    • BMW mounting bracket kit
    • User manual,
    • Software installation CD
    • AIM sticker
    BMW S1000RR & S1000RR HP4in the box