Mychron5 2T 2x Thermocouple Sensor Options


The Mychron 5 2T with Double Yellow Cable, allows monitoring of two thermocouple sensors with options for Cylinder...

The Mychron 5 2T with Double Yellow Cable, allows monitoring of two thermocouple sensors with options for Cylinder head, Exhaust Temperature or KF type exhaust.                        

Aim Mychron 5 2T

Better GPS and options to monitor two engine temperatures

Besides sampling all your kart data, the Mychron 5 2T features all the advantages of a new concept GPS plus a lot of new functions, designed to provide more complete and reliable information including lap and split times, speed, RPM and one temperature as well as position on track, acceleration and much more.The MyChron 5 2T has been designed to provide either basic info to beginners and the most sophisticated data to karting professionals. The MyChron 5 2T has the options of two thermocouples to keep carburation under control, two thermoresistors to measure the engine's working temperature and one thermocouple and one thermoresistor to monitor the key parameters of your engine.

MyChron 5 GPS, the most powerful GPS ever

We were all used to lap time acquisition via magnetic strips, infrared beacons or even the good old stopwatch. MyChron 5 completely changes the rules of the game because its GPS samples lap and split times as well as speed, position on track and acceleration... with precision and reliability simply not comparable to traditional tools and even with previous GPS systems.

Mychron 5 Powerful GPS

Two satellite systems offering top reliability and precision

GPS is in itself, more reliable than traditional tracking systems. Of course more accurate than stopwatches, infrared beacons and magnetic strips. No problems with misplaced or not working old magnetic strips anymore, neither with missing optical transmitters that are bundled near the finish line or even forgotten on the track! GPS always samples lap times in any condition, independently from those traditional systems. The MyChron 5 GPS is also more precise than most of the existing GPS systems, as it has been designed to add to the GPS satellite's signal the Global Navigation Satellite (Glonass) system signal. With an average of almost twenty satellites working in conjunction, MyChron 5 GPS guarantees absolute precision.

Two satellite systems offering top reliability

The benefits are huge

  • An average of less than one meter tolerance, which means absolute precision in determining kart position in curves and when the finish line is very close to another track segment
  • Satellite signal is locked very rapidly. A few seconds after switch-on, the MyChron 5 GPS is ready to operate
  • No risk of missing the signal anymore, as - in case of 'noise' or interference on one system - the other system will guarantee the signal continuity.

Aim Tracks Database

With your track included in the Aim database, MyChron 5 GPS does it all by itself

MyChron 5 GPS can recognise the finish line coordinates of hundreds of tracks all over the world. Opening Race Studio 3 you will see the huge list of tracks included in the Aim database, sorted by Nation, circuit and surface type: you will be able to create your own collection, adding/removing tracks.

Aim Tracks Database

Should your home track be missing, after one lap its coordinates will be automatically detected by MyChron 5 GPS and if you wish, you can download it  onto your PC. This will also be sent to Aim software dept to be included in the database.

Europe Track Maps

Immediately after switch-on the MyChron 5 GPS will determine its position, identify the track and start loading start/finish line coordinates. You do not need to configure it anymore before going to the track. And, above all, your data won't get lost anymore. The MyChron 5 GPS will handle all that.

Mychron 5 Maps your track

Much more than just lap times

MyChron 5 GPS samples data ten times per second i.e. position, speed and acceleration at any point of the track, including all the data needed for a precise evaluation of kart and driver behaviour, an absolute necessity to improve engine and driver performance.

Much more than just lap times

Thanks to GPS, even the predictive lap time will be much more reliable and at any moment of your race, you will know exactly your time gap vs. your best lap.

Fantastic readability

To maximise readability of data, you need plenty of room. That is why the Mychron 5 2T features a wide 268 x 128 pixel graphical display. The screen can be back-lit in one of the seven available colours also the incorporated light sensor makes brightness and contrast ideal in all light conditions.

Aim Mychron 5 2T Colour Options

Choose Optimal Layout For Your Data

Lap and split times, best lap, RPM, gear number, track map and much more are shown in pre-configured pages: you will be able to choose the page layout you prefer to better monitor your data. At the end of your session, you can recall the summary of your three best laps: lap time, max/min RPM, speed and temperature. For your best lap, you will also see splits and best theoretical time.

Is it your best lap or do you need to shift?

The multifunctional LEDs will tell you

The Mychron 5 2T features five individually configurable RGB LED's: you will choose colour and value thresholds for their activation. In addition, they can be configured to show your best lap/split time, monitor RPM level and even signal the right moment for gear shift.

Monitor water temperature or any other parameters with configurable alarm LEDs

You can configure alarm LED's as well, in order to turn them on/off depending on the values you selected including water temperature or any other parameter you may need.

Wireless data download
with Wi-Fi connection

MyChron 5 2T offers the opportunity to download the data wirelessly, using an easy and safe Wi-Fi connection: no data key or PC connection are needed anymore. Wi-Fi data transfer is easily configurable via PC or keyboard. In case of a connection of more than one gauge/PC (a typical situation in a team)
it is possible to transfer data to/from all MyChron 5 devices and PC's at the same time. In this case you would need to buy an access point, which will act as a bridge between the gauges and the PC's.


External power or battery charge?

You choose....

power MyChron5

Power from your kart

Compatible with MyChron expansions and add-ons

Aim Mychron 5

At the end of each session, your data can be downloaded and analysed in depth on your PC with Race Studio 3 software: charts, graphs and histograms will help you to understand your performance, finding out what needs to be improved. Race Studio 3

A simply indestructible chassis

A glass fibre reinforced Nylon body along with metal buttons and anti-scratch non-reflecting polycarbonate display guarantee MyChron 5 top resistance to shocks and adverse weather conditions. A simply indestructible chassis

 Two temperatures under your control

Especially engineered for the most demanding racers, MyChron 5 2T permits you to monitor your kart performances by controlling two engine temperatures instead of one. MyChron 5 2T samples data related to two temperatures, coming from:

Two thermocouples:
to keep carburetion under control

Two thermoresistors:
to measure the engine's working temperature

One thermocouple and one thermoresistor:
to monitor the key parameters of your engine

2 temperature sensors

  • 2 Temperature Sensor Inputs
  • Integrated 10Hz GPS
  • Wide Graphical Display With Multicolour Configurable Backlight Illumination
  • Ambient Light Sensor
  • Completely Configurable Pages
  • Calculated Gear Number
  • 5 Freely Configurable RGB Shift Light LED's
  • 2 Freely Configurable RGB Alarm LED's
  • Nylon Body - Metallic Push buttons
  • Rechargeable Lithium Battery Pack
  • WiFi Connection
  • 4Gb Memory
  • Fully Compatible With MyChron4 Add-ons
  • Waterproof IP65


GPS: Integrated
Inertial platform: Included
Wi-Fi connection: Included
Display resolution :268x128 pixel
Backlight: 8 configurable RGB colours
Ambient light sensor: Included
Multifunction LEDs: 5 RGB LEDs*
Alarms LEDs: 2 configurable
RPM sampling frequency: 50 Hz
Body: Glass fiber reinforced Nylon
Pushbuttons: Metallic
Battery: Rechargeable Lithium
Memory 4 GB
Dimensions: 137 x 88 x 30 mm
Weight: 390 g
Waterproof: IP67

tech 1

tech 2

tech 3


  • MyChron 5 2T,
  • battery charger with cable,
  • RPM cable,
  • temperature sensor.
  • Optic/magnetic receiver optional.