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RaceTPMS Car Racing Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

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The RaceTPMS Car Racing Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is perfect system for basic racing applications where multiple wheels are used and spare sets needed. Up to 16 wheel sensors are able to be used allowing pressures and temperatures to be checked without touching the wheel.

During use, pressure and temperature are displayed simultaneously and highest temperature and pressure can be recalled on the diplay unit. Wheel changes mean that the display unit recognises and displays the relevant data in the display unit.

Features include;

LCD Display

Shows real time Pressure and Temperature simultaneously for front and rear tyres.

  • Recalls highest temp or pressure after every session.
  • Warning alert if tyre loses pressure or high temperature (threshold can be set as desired and front and rear independently).
  • Can be easily removed from the car and worn by tyre technician to monitor spare wheels for pressure/temperature without using tyre gauge. Just use the LF switch to turn sensors on and off as required.
  • RaceTPMS Car Racing Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

    3 Button LF Trigger

    Turns wheel sensors on and off to transmit information to your display unit. The LF Trigger permits to switch ON and OFF your Wheel Sensor in order to preserve battery life duration.

    ON Button = LF Wake-up Push ON button (more than 20 sec) to wake up your Wheel Sensor and activate the permanent transmission (5s on parking mode and 1s when driving > 20km/h). The Paddock survey or LCD display will display data as soon as it receives the desired frame.

    Force Button : Enable you to learn ID on display by sending an LF request to the sensor

    Off Button : LF Sleep Push OFF button (more than 20 sec) to switch off (no RF transmission) your Wheel Sensor. At this time, the pressure and temperature information will not be available on the paddock survey or LCD display after more than 20 seconds.


    Wheel Sensor Kits

    RaceTPMS Wheel Sensor Kits
    The number of wheel sensors you can have is optional from 4 to 16 depending on your requirements and a choice of 8.5mm and 11.5mm.

    • High performance material to endure centrifugal stress
    • Simple and robust concept to adapt the sensor on all rims
    • Standard nuts and external rim cosmetic

    Standard Sampling :1 Hz for Pressure & T(1 race season life)

    Monitored temperature range :-40C to +125C (temperature scenario)
    Measuring pressure range :0 to 3,5 bar
    Monitored acceleration range :0 to 2000G (360 km/h @ 19’)
    Wheel unit weight :31 g
    Pressure accuracy :13.7 mbar
    Temperature accuracy :1C
    RF transmission :FSK / 434 MHz

    Optional Extra’s;

    LF LCD Display Trigger Handset

    Easy checking (Wireless Technology) of Tire Pressure, Temperature & Battery status
    Fitting Testing / Quality Control before setting the tire on the car
    The trigger is a tool which allows a communication with the WUS by sending LF ( Low Frequency ) commands.
    The WUS answers by sending interpretable RF frames.
    The electronic is integrated into a resisting plastic case protected by a shockproof membrane

    • 6 buttons
    • LF (TX) 125 kHz
    • RF (RX) 433 MHz
    • Large graphic LCD display
    • Internal LI-ON battery charger
    • USB interface for configuration
    • Weight: 250 g
    • Pocket Size

    Up to 16 Sensors (8,5mm or 11.5mm)



    Q: How does it work?

    Sophisticated electronic sensors measure pressure and temperature and wirelessly transmit a signal to the display mounted on your dash where you can see the information in real time.

    Q: Do the sensors go on the valve stem?

    No. Race TPMS sensors go inside the tyre. This enables them to measure tyre temperature as well as pressure and it is a much more accurate and sophisticated sensor than the external ones avaialable. It is also more secure and safe from road debris etc.

    Q: Is it hard to fit?

    It is very easy to install!

    Q: Does it have batteries?

    For ease of install and operation the unit is wireless and runs on 3V lithium batteries for long life.

    The display battery has a 2 year life expectancy and the NEW Gen 2 version sensor batteries have a 7 year life expectancy.

    Q: What features does it have?

    Features are-

    • LOW Pressure Warning
    • HIGH Temperature Warning
    • Adjustable Pressure Warning thresholds
    • Identifies Front or Rear Warning
    • Real Time Pressure Readout
    • Real Time Temperature Readout
    • Ambient Temperature Display
    • Clock
    • Metric or Imperial Readout
    • Waterproof
    • Pressure Accuracy 0.290075475 PSI


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