Modify Your Car the Right Way with AimShop

Modify Your Car the Right Way with AimShop

Transform your vehicle with Aim’s powerhouse advancements, loaded with unique features and endless expansions!


Power Distribution Module

We have two available PDM modules, the PDM08 and PDM32, containing 8 channels and 32 channels respectively.

The PDM offers full control over your vehicle, cutting down your wiring loom by 70%, saving weight, improving reliability, and giving you advanced power for a multitude of vehicle circuits, removing the need for a traditional fuse-box and relays.

Both Modules feature a 1000hz internal data logger and a 25hz external GPS module, with multiple dash options available to display your data.


Dash Display

A PDM dash is a fantastic addition to your PDM Module, acting as a robust and refined replacement for your dashboard gauges and warning lamps. With the PDM Dash, you can visualise all your data with either road or race icons, both on and off the track.


CAN Keypad

From simply turning on the engine, the aircon, the fans or the indicators, to switching gears and using your integrated dash display, the CAN Keypad offers a fully configurable option to keep the control of your vehicle at your very fingertips.

With multiple features available: mometary, toggle, and multistatus, as well as full colour customisability, each individual button can be fine-tuned to your liking – with keypads of 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 or 15 pads available.


SmartyCam 3 Sport

To complete your ultimate set-up, the SmartyCam 3 Sport on-board camera takes your racing performance to the next level. Featuring automatic start/stop recording, 2TB storage, automatic track selection, data overlay, endless data to analyse, externally powered battery, and optional lenses between 67º and 84º the SmartyCam 3 Sport is the lightest camera in our range, taking evolutionary steps in terms of size, weight and resolution and completing your upgrade.


AimShop is ready to optimise your performance in EVERY race, and to guarantee your road driving is refined to the utmost quality.