Transforming Your 1959 Ford 100E with AiM PDM32 + MaxxECU: A Comprehensive Installation Guide Delivered by Urchfab

Transforming Your 1959 Ford 100E with AiM PDM32 + MaxxECU: A Comprehensive Installation Guide Delivered by Urchfab

Today we highlight the great video from Matt at Urchfab where he guides us through how to install the AiM PDM32 (Power Distributions Module) in the beautiful 1959 Ford 100e.

The 1959 Ford 100E, with its timeless design, offers a perfect canvas for such a transformation. In this guide, we will delve into the intricacies for you to think about when installing AiM PDM32 (Power Distribution Module) along with MaxxECU, breathing new life into your beloved 100E.

    1. Understanding AiM PDM32 and MaxxECU:
      • AiM PDM32: The AiM PDM32 is a state-of-the-art power distribution module designed to replace traditional fuse boxes. It offers advanced features like programmable outputs, CAN connectivity, and real-time monitoring, making it ideal for modernising vehicle electrical systems. Features include:
  1. 32 RGB LEDs
  2. Eight analogue digital inputs 
  3. GPS lap timing (optional)
  4. Four digital inputs
  5. Data logging facility
  6. Two-speed inputs
  7. 28 High side outputs
  8. 4 Half-bridge outputs which are rated up to 35A (half-bridge)
  9. Total continuous max current is 120A
        • MaxxECU: MaxxECU is a high-performance engine management system that provides precise control over fuel injection, ignition timing, and other engine parameters. It is known for its flexibility, user-friendly interface, and compatibility with a wide range of vehicles.
      • Pre-Installation Preparation:
        • Gather Required Tools and Equipment: Before starting the installation process, ensure you have all the necessary tools and equipment, including wrenches, screwdrivers, wire crimpers, and electrical tape.
        • Review Documentation: Familiarise yourself with the installation manuals. Pay close attention to wiring diagrams, mounting instructions, and safety precautions.
        • Assess Vehicle Compatibility: Verify that your 1959 Ford 100E is compatible with AiM PDM32 and MaxxECU. Check for any modifications or adaptations required to accommodate these components.
      • Installation Steps:
        1. Step 1: Mounting AIM PDM 32
        • Select a suitable location for mounting the AiM PDM32 unit. It should be easily accessible yet protected from moisture and extreme temperatures.
        • Use the provided mounting brackets or custom fabrication to secure the PDM in place. Ensure proper grounding to minimise electrical interference.
          1. Step 2: Wiring AiM PDM32
            • Follow the wiring diagram provided by AiM to connect the PDM to the vehicle's electrical system. Use high-quality automotive-grade wires and connectors for reliable connections.
            • Route wiring harnesses neatly, avoiding sharp edges and moving parts. Secure them using zip ties or adhesive clips to prevent chafing and potential damage.
          2. Step 3: Installing MaxxECU
            • Locate a suitable mounting position for the MaxxECU unit, preferably close to the engine bay for easier access to sensors and actuators.
            • Use the provided mounting brackets or custom fabrication to secure the MaxxECU securely in place. Ensure adequate ventilation to prevent overheating.
          3. Step 4: Wiring MaxxECU
            • Refer to the wiring diagram provided by MaxxECU to connect the ECU to the engine sensors, ignition system, and other peripherals.
            • Double-check all connections for accuracy and tightness, paying special attention to sensor polarity and signal routing.
          4. Step 5: Integration and Testing
        • Once both AiM PDM32 and MaxxECU are installed and wired, perform a thorough inspection to ensure everything is connected correctly.
        • Power up the system and use the diagnostic features provided by AIM and MaxxECU to verify sensor readings, injector operation, and ignition timing.
      • Tuning and Calibration:
        • After successful installation and integration, it's time to fine-tune the MaxxECU parameters to optimise engine performance and drivability.
        • Utilise the tuning software provided by MaxxECU to adjust fuel maps, ignition timing, idle control, and other parameters based on engine specifications and driving preferences.
        • Perform gradual tuning iterations, monitoring engine vitals and performance metrics to avoid potential damage or drivability issues.
      • Final Thoughts:Transforming a classic vehicle like the 1959 Ford 100E with modern electronic components requires careful planning, attention to detail, and technical expertise. By following this installation guide for AiM PDM32 and MaxxECU, you can achieve a seamless integration of cutting-edge technology into your timeless ride, enhancing both performance and reliability.


      Bringing together the nostalgia of a 1959 Ford 100E with the innovation of AIM PDM 32 and MaxxECU opens up a world of possibilities for automotive enthusiasts. Whether you're seeking improved engine performance, enhanced electrical reliability, or simply the thrill of modernising a vintage masterpiece, this installation guide serves as a roadmap to realising your automotive dreams.