AiM Power Distribution Module PDM32 - Module Only


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AiM Power Distribution Module PDM32 - Module Only

The AiM PDM32 is a 32 channel advanced power distribution module designed to power a multitude of vehicle circuits, removing the need for traditional fuse boxes and relays.

Key Features :

32 RGB LEDs Eight analogue digital inputs
GPS lap timing (optional) Four digital inputs
Data logging facility Two-speed inputs
28 High side outputs 4 Half-bridge outputs

Power Distribution Module 

The AiM PDM32 is a 32 channel advanced power distribution module designed to power a multitude of vehicle circuits, removing the need for traditional fuse boxes and relays. It allows for a simplified wiring harness with increased reliability and control functions.

The PDM32 is available on its own or with a choice of 6" or 10" dash displays. It can receive data from the vehicles ECU and even includes a data logger and optional GPS module for lap timing and track mapping.

PDM32 Power Outputs

The PDM32 features 28 high sided outputs and four half-bridge outputs: 4 x rated up to 20A (high power), 12 x rated up to 15A (mid-power), 12 x rated up to 10A (low power), 4 x rated up to 35A (half-bridge). Total continuous max current 120A.

Each output provides feedback to the data logger to provide vital information such as open circuits, short circuits, high/low voltage, the number of fault retires, and the time between the reties is user-definable.

All outputs can be configured as PWM's for a soft start/stop. All of the PDM circuits can be set up and monitored via the RaceStudio3 software.

PDM32 Inputs

The PDM32 features 8 x analogue/digital inputs, 4 x digital-only inputs and 2 x speed inputs.

PDM32 Data Management

The PDM32 can receive and record data from the following sources, ECU - Over 1000 protocols available. Digital/analogue inputs. Internal nine-axis EMU. GPS - Lap time and position.

Expansion modules. Push buttons - From RIO02 (Remote Input Output module) or any commercial CAN keypad. PDM outputs - Currents and status of each channel individually. Other user-defined math channels.

Dash Display Options

Suitable for replacing all of the dashboard gauges and warning lamps, these TFT dash displays are available in 6" or 10" versions and with "Race" or "Road" icons. Both versions have full user-configurable displays and offer a range of layouts.

They also double up as a reversing mirror using a separately available camera—ideal for cars with limited rear vision. You can add up to 2 cameras for both front and rear views. You can find the optional Reversing Mirror Camera in the Accessories Tab.

GPS Options:

The GPS09 module option provides easy lap timing and lap position for track mapping. The PDM has over 4000 race tracks in the database, so once you arrive at the track, the system already knows the timing points so that you can get on with the driving.

The GPS09 module is available with various lead lengths to suit different applications and with cable entry from underneath (roof version) or the side.

Optional Wiring Solutions:

A pre-assembled harness is available for a more straightforward wiring solution, colour-coded and tagged to provide the easiest installations. Available in the Accessories Tab.

Expand Your System

Add extra devices to your system to give extra data and improve your racing performance.

Configure & Analyse with Race Studio 3


With Race Studio 3, you can create, modify, delete, import and export configurations with all channels, ECU drivers, Math channels, Display Pages, Digital outputs, Alarms, Shift Lights and all the expansions you need. You will also be able to manage the map of all your racing tracks and compare two laps watching the video recorded by SmartyCam HD cameras.


With Race Studio 3, you can also analyse all data recorded by MXL2 and downloaded to your PC: graphs, histograms and tables will help you study your performance, providing objective support to avoid mistakes and improve performances.

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AiM Power Distribution Module PDM32 - Module Only

  • Inputs:
  • 14 Fully Configurable, max 500 Hz each:
  • 8 analogue/digital
  • 4 digital inputs 
  • 2-speed input
  • Power Outputs:
  • 4 rated up to 20 A (high power)
  • 12 rated up to 15 A (mild power)
  • 12 rated up to 10 A (low bridge)
  • 4 rated up to 35 A (half-bridge)
  • Protected for: over voltage, under voltage, over current, over temperature
  • Total max current: 120 A
  • LEDs: 32 RGB LEDs + 1 PDM ON + 1 PDM STS (Status)
  • Lin Bus: 1
  • CAN Connections: 3
  • Internal platform: 3 axis ±5G accelerometer + 3 axis gyro + 3 axis magnetometer
  • Remote Display Connection: 1 AiM stream output
  • Connectors: 2 AMP connectors + 2 Binder connectors + 1 Amphenol Surlok connector + 1 Rosenberger connector
  • Internal memory: 4 GB
  • External modules: GPS Module, Channel Expansion, TC Hub, Lambda Controller, SmartyCam HD, Formula Steering Wheel, Remote I/O Pushbutton Module
  • External Analogue Camera input: 2
  • Body: Anodised Aluminium
  • Waterproof: IP65
  • Dimensions: 234.5 x 94.6 x 49.5mm
  • Weight: 761g


AiM Power Distribution Module PDM32 - Module Only

  • Power Distribution Module PDM32 - Module Only
  • Surlok Power Connector
  • AiM Sticker

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