AiM Tyre Temperature Sensors Complete Kit


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Tyre Temperature Sensor Kit.

AiM Tyre Temperature Sensor Kit has been designed to measure the surface temperature of your tyres.

Key Features:

  • Provides information chassis tuning
  • Analyse using race studio 3
  • Connection to MyChron5

Tyre Temperature Sensor Kit

AiM tyre Temperature Sensor Kit has been specifically designed to measure the surface temperature of the tyres which provides important for Kart chassis tuning, tyre exploitation and the driver behaviour.

The sensors with a 35 degree field of view measure temperature between -20 and 120 degrees and provide a 0-5V output signal.

The kit is supplied complete with IR temperature controller, power cable, 4x tyre temperature sensors and all connection cables.


Installation & Connection


When installing the sensor ensure it is far away from a strong heat source, such as the exhaust gas pipe, also keep away from electromagnetic interference sources as well.

Below are images to shoe the temperature sensors installed correctly.

Starting with Front Right, Front Left, Rear Left, Rear Right.

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    AiM Tyre Temperature Sensors Complete Kit

    • Connection to MyChron5 via IR Temperature Controller (included in kit)
    • Output signal: 0-5V
    • Field of view: 35°
    • Working Range: -20/120°C
    • IR Temperature Controller Dimensions: 127.6 x 32 x 39mm
    • IR Temperature Controller Cable Length: 400mm
    • Sensor Dimensions: 26.6 x 17.2mm
    • IP Rating: IP65
    • Sensor Cable Length: 250mm

    Please refer to the Technical Download sheet for diagrams on how to fit sensors.



    AiM Tyre Temperature Sensors Complete Kit

    • IR Infrared Temperature Controller
    • 4 Tyre Temperature Sensors
    • External Power Cable
    • 2 - 2m Extension Cables
    • 2 - 1m Extension cables