Do You Know Your Motorsport Lingo?

Do You Know Your Motorsport Lingo?

Do you know the lingo for the motorsport industry?
Why not see how many of the below you know the meaning of...

  1. Whip - A vehicle
  2. Burnout - Spinning the tyres to heat them up
  3. Rubber - Tyres
  4. Roost - Spraying dirt or debris behind a vehicle onto another vehicle
  5. Rip - Driving fast or aggressively
  6. Run-Off Area - Sections of the track where the vehicle may be prone to leaving the track
  7. Rev - Increase engine speed
  8. Revved up - Excited or ready to race
  9. Grip - Traction or control
  10. Gnarly - Something that looks dangerous or cool
  11. Slingshot - A drafting car overtaking the car in front due to a lack of wind resistance
  12. Slide - A controlled drift
  13. Drift - Sliding the vehicle sideways through a corner
  14. Traction - Grip on the road
  15. Lug - Slow down
  16. Spinout - Losing control and spinning
  17. Apex - The point of closest approach to the inside of a turn
  18. Chassis - The frame or structure of a vehicle
  19. Line - The best path around a racecourse
  20. Hot Lap - A lap done at speed
  21. Paddock - An area for parking and working on vehicles
  22. Grid - The starting lineup of a race
  23. Pits - The area where teams service their vehicles during a race
  24. Launch - Accelerate quickly from standstill
  25. Slicks - Racing tyres with no tread
  26. Tarmac - The paved surface of a racetrack
  27. Track - The racing surface
  28. Draft - Driving closely behind another vehicle to reduce air resistance
  29. Bumper - The front or rear of a vehicle
  30. Whisker - A small, fast vehicle
  31. Flag - A signal used by race officials to indicate a hazard or give information
  32. Chequered - The flag indicating the end of a race
  33. Full-throttle - Accelerating with the throttle fully open
  34. Drop - Lose speed or position
  35. Horsepower - Engine power
  36. Torque - Engine power output
  37. Aero - Aerodynamics
  38. Downforce - The downward pressure on a vehicle created by aerodynamics
  39. Oversteer - When the rear tyres lose traction in a turn
  40. Understeer - When the front tyres lose traction in a turn
  41. Roll cage - A protective structure inside a vehicle
  42. Nitro - Nitrous oxide, used to increase engine power
  43. Boost - Increased pressure in a turbocharged engine
  44. Slick - A fast or skilled driver
  45. Skid - Losing traction and sliding sideways
  46. Camber - The angle of the wheels relative to the road
  47. Toe - The angle of the wheels relative to each other
  48. Toe-in - Wheels angled inward towards the vehicle's centerline
  49. Toe-out - Wheels angled outward from the vehicle's centerline
  50. Burner - A fast, exciting race

Out of the 50 terms, how many did you get right?


Feel free to share your results online and tag us in your answers!

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