Frequently asked questions

Here is a brief overview to compare our products. They are designed to fit most vehicle cockpit sizes and all provide data that can be analysed with our Free Race Studio software provided with your product. Which Logger to Buy
If you are not sure which logger to buy or what equipment/cables you need then you can simply go to our quote page and enter your vehicle details with the data you need to analyse.
Our engineers will send you recommendations by email. Go Here > GET A QUOTE
Please call us on +44 01782 393843 or email if you have any issues or questions
We offer a repair service for AiM products (if the product is repairable) See more information here AIM REPAIRS
As the app is still under development, we don't have a release date. The best way to find out when it will be available, is to join our email list where we inform you monthly of updates, new product releases and product news.

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