Aim SmartyCam 3 Sport: Capture, Replay, Overlay.

Aim SmartyCam 3 Sport: Capture, Replay, Overlay.

The all-new SmartyCam3 Sport from AimShop, launched in summer 2022; the smallest, lightest and most reliable motorsport camera.

Not only that, but the Aim SmartyCam 3 provides the ultimate combination of full HD recording, data logging and lap timing, perfect for any race or track day. Its high-performance, built-in assets are a game changer, saving all vital racing data to a 2TB micro-SD card – including, track, speed, RPM, lap numbers and lap times. 

The SmartyCam 3 can be connected through the CAN network to Aim Loggers, MX Series, MXL2, MyChron, Solo 2 DL, EVO5 and ECU Bridge – you can even connect multiple SmartyCam 3’s to the same network! It will automatically retrieve its own data without interfering with the others - assured efficiency, productivity and data to improve your performance. The SmartyCam 3 comes with a number of additional options including a 2 or 4 metre cable, and the choice of a 67º or 84º field of view. Optional extras include a 2 Port 5-Pin power Data Hub and a range of mounting options for cars, bikes, motocross and karting – virtually any Motorsport/Motocross vehicle!

With an external power of 9-15 volts, automatic start/stop in-sync with the engine, and analysis of GPS track map, vehicle position, lap times and split times, the newest addition to the SmartyCam family is a must have for circuit racing, rally racing, karting, motocross and any motorsport race or track day.

Much like Aim’s top-rated motorsport lap timers, the SmartyCam 2.2 GP HD and the SmartyCam 2.1 HD, the brand new SmartyCam 3 Sport contains automatic track selection, calculating vehicle location to effortlessly determine your lap numbers, lap times and rolling times with no interruptions, and a cheaper price tag.

The 5-star SmartyCam3 Sport from AimShop is built to last: using a rechargeable lithium battery, powered by the vehicles own electrical system and Sapphire frontal glass that can challenge the stones, dirt, insects, and other obstacles thrown in your path, your SmartyCam is invincible.

 Aim guarantees their smoothest recording yet; the Global Shutter CMOS Sensor eliminates the wavy road vibrations from obscuring motorsport footage, allowing track time recordings to be of the smoothest, crystal-clear quality. Thanks to the SmartyCam 3’s low distortion lens and lightweight framework, quality doesn’t falter, even under the pressure of extreme Motorsport conditions such as poor weather, strong vibrations and continuous rain. What’s more, the SmartyCam 3 is engineered to withstand high/low temperatures as extreme as -10°C to + 50°C and has waterproof IP67 for extra protection.


“The SmartyCam 3 Sport truly cannot be faulted. If you are looking for a Motorsport camera that can withstand any race conditions and still give you all the data you need, pick up a SmartyCam 3. It has crystal clear footage, impeccable performance and not to mention the start/stop recording – just ‘fit & forget!’”

-James Mulley, Head of Operations at AimShop

Drivers can start/stop recording at times that suit them, meaning no nonsense operation on track, with data overlaid on the camera screen to see data including speed, time, position, shift points and throttle/break timing in any order. Get faster and more refined laps with the use of data overlay and analysis using Race Studio 3.

 With Race Studio 3 you can analyse all your important data. Create, modify, delete, import and export configurations with all channels; ECU drivers, math channels, display pages, digital outputs, alarms, shift lights and any extensions you may need. You will also be able to manage the map of all your tracks, comparing your races side-by-side, and even synchronise your data with information from your Aim datalogger once uploaded to the database.

With the SmartyCam 3 you can analyse all your data captured on track using the Race Studio 3 software. 

One of the many cool features that you can use this for to help improve your lap times is the live throttle trace. 

You can look at your live throttle trace and overlay two videos of different laps in the same session or day, and it will tell you why a particular lap was quicker than another. 

Following the example below, the red lap was faster than the blue lap, and you are able to see that driver actions performed in one lap compared with another have resulted in a slower lap, and why. 

You can see using the information from the graphs below, that red lap stayed on the throttle for longer upon entering the corner, and hasn’t come off the throttle as much when going through it. You can also tell from the camera footage that during the blue lap, the corner was taken at a wider angle than during the red lap, meaning that ultimately during the red lap, more speed was carried throughout that particular corner. This is a great way of improving your racing and figuring out how to be faster the next time around.

Using this Aim camera and software, you can see your important information such as your throttle levels on screen, it also shows that the RPM counter is slightly higher on the red lap, all pointing to which lap you carried more speed into the corner on. 

Check out the link below to the Aim Webinar to discover more details and even more ways to reach your full racing potential.