The Mychron 5s and Mychron 5s2T


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MYCHRON 5s - By Far The Best Kart Lap Timer Ever produced and is Used by 1000's of Racers World Wide to Improve Their Performance and Monitor their Drive and Kart Performance.

  • 5 Perfect Choices
  • Protect your engine with Temperature Sensors
  • Super Accurate
  • Super Reliable GPS Lap Timer
  • Free Race Data Software


The Mychron 5s is a perfect partner for Kosmic Karts & Toni Karts offering a 

If you want to Be #1 On The Track, 

AiM MyChron 5S

Monitors One Engine Temperature

MyChron 5S GPS Lap Timer & Water Temperature Sensor
MyChron 5S GPS Lap Timer & Thermocouple Sensor


AiM MyChron5 S 2T

Monitors Two Engine Temperatures

AiM MyChron5 S 2T x2 Water Temperature Sensor Inputs
MyChron5 S 2T x1 Water Input & x1 Thermocouple Input
MyChron5 S 2T x2 Thermocouple Sensor Inputs

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