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We offer a range of Products the are perfectly suited to your Kit Car or Race Car Build. If you have bought a kit car package but want a more functional and easy to install Dash wiring system which can be extended to a wide range of sensors, then you should take a close look our systems.

Our Looms will fit your kit car direct to your Dash without relays or fuses which make installation veru clean and straight forward. 

Used Kit Cars

Many of you buy used kit cars or semi built which have the old relays and fuses which can be a pain. Our Power Distribution Modules (PDM's) offer a cleaner, faster way to replace the with simple wiring systems. Thes offer a massive expandable bonus of adding many sensors to monitor your negine and keep it safe.  We offer a custom wiring loom service on top 

We also have available for UK kit cars, fully compliant car Dash Displays with normal road icons which again, can be used with a full digtal wiring system. We already supply some leading kit car manufacturers in the UK such as Ariel.

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Kit Car Digital Dash Displays

Our Range includes DVLA Approved Displays with all the normal road icons. We can provide Custom wiring looms or choose from a range of cables on our shop.


AiM MXS Strada Aprilia IVA 5" TFT Display Plug & Play Kit

The MXS 1.3 Strada IVA compliant digital dash display is a complete road legal display solution for OEM kit car and race builders.


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AiM EVO5 Car Racing Data Logger

The AiM EVO5 Car Racing Data Logger with two multi-channel Motorsport connectors. Connects to your vehicle's ECU via CAN, RS232 or K-Line, also includes GPS Module.

AiM EVO4S Car Racing Datalogger

The EVO4S is a powerful and flexible data logger, offering a wide range of sources for your data. A great tool for track days to help improve your performance.


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