AiM Brake Pressure Sensor M10 0-100 Bar


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AiM Brake Pressure Sensor M10 0-100 Bar

AiM M10 0-100 Bar brake pressure sensor with 719 binder connector.

Key Features:

  • M10 0-100 bar 
  • 4 pin 719 binder
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Brake Pressure Sensor M10 0-100 Bar

The AiM M10 0-100 bar pressure sensor is suitable for oil and fuel pressure readings. Being able to read pressures up to 10 bars. This sensor has been designed to accurately monitor brake pressure levels for optimum performance.


This sensor is classed as an analog sensor and will use one analog input on the logger or display which can be used not only to see brake pressure, but also allows you to see braking points both start and end.


You can also see if the driver is getting tired while braking during a race or the brake system is becoming in-effective. Running this in conjunction with a throttle sensor also allows you to see costing time, the most important thing to reduce, to gain more lap time.


Please Note: MXS / MXP / MXG / MXL (Strada and Pista) / MXL2 / EVO5 / MXm etc harnesses are fitted with 719 connections. To extend the length between your dash display / logger and the analogue sensor, please use the 719-719 extension lead which is available in various lengths from 0.5 - 3 metres. For most installations you will need one of these leads.


EVO4 / EVO4S logger / Channel Expansion are fitted with 712 connections and require a 712-719 extension lead to connect these sensors.


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    AiM Pressure Sensor M10 0-100 bar

    • Supply: 8-16V
    • Accuracy: <+/-0.5% FS (CLNH - combined non-linearity and hysteresis)
    • Characterisation: 500 mV / 0 bar - 4500 mV / 10 bar
    • Temperature working Range: < 10mA
    • Sealing: IP66
    • Housing: 316 stainless steel
    • Weight: 30g
    • Cable length: 400mm
    • Thread: M10 


        AiM Pressure Sensor M10 0-10 bar