AiM Infrared Belt Temperature System (IBTS) Single Point Sensor


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Infrared Belt Temperature System


The Infrared Belt Temperature System reads the belt temperature and battery voltage. 


Key Features:

  • Reads belt temperature 
  • Reads battery voltage
  • Set alarms for warnings
  • Set alarms thresholds
  • Display in Fahrenheit / Celsius
  • TFT display
  • RGB LED alerts
  • IP65 water resistant
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 Infrared Belt Temperature System

The AiM infrared belt temperature system has been designed for you to choose between a single point sensor that provides accurate belt temperature readings to the gauge display.

Designed for the off-road circuit, UTV Racing is a demanding activity which can stress every component of the vehicle. 

The single point temperature sensor shows the average temperature of the controlled area and the multi-point temperature sensor will divide the area into 16 small portions and send the values every tenth of a second to the gauge via the CAN communication line.

This information is displayed on the gauge with colours indicating different temperatures.


Everything Right Under Control

What the Gauge Shows

The temperature value is constantly shown and recorded in the internal memory every ten seconds, in order to be evaluated after the test.

The external supply voltage.

Infrared Belt Temperature with Single Point Sensor

Temperature & Battery Voltage


The gauge can display the external voltage and the belt temperature.

Temperature data is recorded once every 10 seconds, it saves the maximum temperature measured in that period of time. This data can be reviewed in the gauges data recall section.

In the menu page you can select your preferred unit of measure from Fahrenheit and Celsius.

Colour thresholds are displayed as green for low and high thresholds and above in red.


Temperature, No more fear

It is possible to set two temperature thresholds. One for a warning, when the temperature rises above the alarm level it will display in yellow and a warning message will be seen at the top of the display. When the temperature rises above the alarm level it will display in red, a message will be seen at the top of the display and a red LED will start blinking.

The gauge will also read and display the external supply voltage. The voltage will generally be shown in green but like the temperature, you can set warning and alarm thresholds.

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AiM Infrared Belt Temperature System (IBTS)


  • 1 Measurement point
  • Field of view 12°
  • Temperature range -60/550°F
  • Real time temperature tracking
  • Average temperature tracking
  • Tracks average temperatures over the last 15', 30' or 90' of run time


  • RGB LED Alert: the LED starts blinking red when the temperature exceeds the user defined level
  • Anti-Glare TFT display
  • Anodised aluminium body
  • Vibration proof
  • 1P65 Water resistant



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    AiM MX2E 360° Product View

    AiM Infrared Belt Temperature System (IBTS)

    • Gauge
    • One Sensor - Single point temperature sensor
    • Power Cable
    • 300 mm extension cable
    • Sensor fixing kit
    • AiM sticker

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