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AiM Motorcycle IR Pick Up 712 Plug 90cm


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AiM 712 Optical Lap Receiver

The AiM IR pick up 712 plug with 90cm cable.

Key Features:

  • 712 metal connector
  • Free race studio 3 download

Optical Lap Receiver 


The AiM Infrared Receiver which is also referred to as an Optical Lap Receiver, receives the lap signal from the infrared transmitter positioned at the side of the track. It is available with a 4 pin 712 (metal screw on) or a 4 pin 719 (plastic) connector and just needs to be pointed to the side of the track where the transmitter is installed to "see" it.

The car infrared receiver has a 300cm lead, and the bike and Kart sensors have a 90cm lead.

There is nothing to stop you using the lead which suits your length requirements the best.

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    AiM IR Optical Lap Receiver 712 Plug 300cm

    AiM IR Optical Lap Receiver 712 Plug 300cm