AiM Mirror & Reversing Camera for MX Series & PDM


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Reversing Mirror Camera.

The AiM reversing camera for the MX Series dash displays / dash logger.

Key Features:

  • Ideal for vehicles with limited view
  • MX Series dash displays
  • Park overlay function
  • 5 pin male Connector 
  • Free race studio 3 download
  • PDM dash displays

MX Series & PDM Mirror & Reversing Camera


The innovative camera turns your MX Series dash display / dash logger into a rear view mirror or reversing camera, which is ideal for sports cars or race cars which have limited rear vision.

This camera is compatible with MXS, MXG, MXP and Strada versions.

The MX Series camera can manage up to two rear cameras which show the driver what happens behind both when driving and while the car is being parked.

Connection to Dash


Our AiM MX Series loggers have been designed  with a female 5 pin connector which is placed at the bottom of the back of the dash. Called mirror camera.


The camera is supplied with a short lead and plug so a patch lead is usually required for installation.

Up to two cameras can be connected to any MX dash to show you different perspectives. A park overlay fuction can be activated for an additional aid when your reverse parking.

The camera is supplied with a mount bracket for mounting to a flat surface. 


Unlock your potential

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    AiM Mirror & Reversing Camera

    • Reflect the image
    • Freely set the rearview with Park Overlay or without it
    • Optical format 1/4 inch colour CMOS
    • Pixel array: 648x488
    • Image area: 3,63mm-2,73mm
    • Frame rate: 60 fps
    • Temperature: 30° / +80°


    Rear Camera