AiM MXS, MXP & MXL2 Dash Bracket


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MXS / MXP / MXL2 Dash Bracket

This bracket has been designed to mount the MXS / MXP / MXL2 dash.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for MXS, MXP,MXL2 dash
  • 2mm stainless steel
  • Free race studio 3 download

MXS,MXP,MXL2 Dash Bracket


Due to the size of the Dash, this will probably more likely be used with our single mount centre hub on the steering column or our chassis weld on and bolt on tabs. Though this will work with out steering wheel mounts if you prefer.

Optional Weld on tab for your chassis or steering column.

2mm thick in Raw Stainless Steel

Our Modular Steering Wheel Components are Stainless Steel (raw finish) interchangeable components to facilitate the mounting of displays / buttons / dash / laptimers / shiftlights.


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    AiM MXS, MXP & MXL2 Dash Bracket

    • 160mm x 60mm bolt holes for dash
    • 2mm thick in raw stainless steel


    AiM MXS, MXP & MXL2 Dash Bracket



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