Aim Mychron 5 Kart Racing Steering Wheel Black


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Aim Mychron 5 Kart Racing Steering Wheel. 


The Mychron 5 steering wheel has been developed to provide the ideal solution for mounting your Mychron 5 Dash logger.

Key Features:

  • Fits Mychron5 dash logger
  • 3 & 6 hole fixings
  • Chamoised leather grip
  • Free Race Studio 3 Download

Mychron 5 Kart Steering Wheel

The AiM Mychron 5 steering wheel has been designed to provide an ideal solution for mounting your Mychron 5 dash logger.

The steering wheel is lightweight and designed to maximise your comfort while driving.


The Mychron 5 steering wheel has been designed so you can put your Mychron 5 in the best position, which is right in front of you. 

Designed with a flat bottom and a curved top, the mychron 5 steering wheel is made of a anodised aluminium frame covered with chamoised leather.

The nabuk leather develops a typical suede effect with a velvet touch and shimmering. Making it really comfortable to use.

The nubuk covering on the sides has been added to maximise grip, bringing the total control of the Kart in your hands.

3 & 6 Hole Steering Wheel

The AiM Mychron 5 steering wheel comes with either a 3 hole standard version or a 6 hole version.

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Mychron 5 Black Steering Wheel

  • Diameter: 340 x 320mm
  • Weight: 600g
  • Colour: Black
  • Versions: Standard 3 hole, 6 hole version
  • Chassis: Anodised Aluminium
  • Finishing: Koram Nubak & shammy leather


  • AiM Mychron 5 Kart Racing Wheel
  • Mounting Bracket