AiM PDM Pre Assigned 3m Black & Grey Connection Harness


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PDM Pre Assigned Harness

AiM 3 metre Pre Assigned Harness for PDM

Key Features:

  • For AiM PDM 32
  • Pre assigned harness
  • 3 metre in length
  • Race Studio 3 download

Pre Assigned PDM harness


The AiM 3 metre pre assigned PDM connection harness.

 Each cable on the harness is colour coded and tagged to help with easy installation.

Made from high quality professional cables.
Pre-wired connector for the easiest of installations.

The colour coded cables consist of CAN 0 Connection for AiM Expansions, CAN 1 ECU, CAN 2 Ancillary Connections, High Power, Output 1 - Starter Motor, High Power 2,3,4, Low Power Outputs, Channels 11 & 12 Digital / Power Inputs.


AiM Technologies are committed to supplying, professional engineers quality Motorsport products. Our cables and accessories are well-engineered and  designed for demanding Motorsport applications and the demands that racing puts on components. Which makes ours amongst the best in the market place today.

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    AiM PDM Pre Assigned 3 Meter Black & Grey Connection Harness




    AiM PDM Pre Assigned 3 Meter Black & Grey Connection Harnesses

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