AiM Steering Angle 10 Revolutions with Bracket for Car


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AiM Steering Angle 10 Revolutions

Steering angle 10 revolutions with bracket.

Key Features:

  • Measures rotation
  • 719 4 pin male 
  • Free race studio 3 download

Steering Angle


This AiM sensor can measure steering rotation. The sensor measures the angle of the steering wheel in degrees as the driver turns the wheel.

As the wheel is turned you can see how much steering input has been put in. You can then pick out and see if the driver is losing time due to steering. This could be due to turning too much or too little into a corner.


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    AiM Steering Angle 10 Revolutions with Bracket for Car

    • Nominal Resistance: 10K ohm
    • Tolerance on Resistance Value: 5%
    • Precision: 0.030%
    • Mechanical Displacement: 3600°
    • Working Temperature Range: -55/+125°C
    • Cable length: 30cm

        AiM Steering Angle 10 Revolutions with Bracket for Car

        • 10G Steering Potentiometer
        • 1 Toothed Belt
        • 2 Toothed Pulleys
        • 1 Allen Key
        • 1 Bracket Kit