AiM Steering Angle Sensor & Bracket 1 Rev Kart


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Steering Rotary Potentiometer.

The steering angle sensor measures & records the driver steering input.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with MyChron4 & MyChron5
  • 4 pin 719 male binder
  • Measures distance
  • Free race studio 3 download

Steering Angle Sensor

The AiM steering angle sensor measures and records the driver steering input using a sensor ( rotating potentiometer) to measure the displacement between two points.

Installation on to Kart


The steering angle sensor with bracket measures the angle of the steering wheel. This is done on degrees, as the driver turns the wheel you can see how much steering input they put in.

Then you can pick out and see where they are losing time due to steering. This could be turning too much or too little into a corner.


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    AiM Steering Angle Sensor & Bracket 1 Rev Kart

    The Kart steering potentiometer characteristics are:

    • Nominal resistance: 10k
    • Tolerance on the resistance value: +5%
    • Precision (%): 0.034

    The Kart steering potentiometer mechanical characteristics are:

    • Mechanical displacement: 270° +/_10°
    • Temperature working range: -55/+125°C
    • Dissipated power at 40°C: 1.6W
    • Dissipated power at 70°C: 1W


    AiM Steering Angle Sensor & Bracket 1 Rev Kart

    • 1 1G steering rotary potentiometer
    • 1 toothed belt
    • 1 Allen key
    • 2 toothed pulley
    • 1 bracket