AiM Suspension Potentiometer with Pop End Fitting Motocross


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Suspension Potentiometer with Pop End Fitting

Suspension potentiometer for logging suspension or steering.

Key Features:

  • Ideal for logging suspension or steering
  • 719 connection plug
  • Free race studio 3 download

Potentiometer with Pop End Fitting


The potentiometer is used to measure the displacement between two points using a sensor ( linear potentiometer) directly connected to the points of measure.

Suits all AiM loggers and dash display loggers.

We offer a range of sizes for the potentiometer: 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 150mm

This potentiometer can be used to measure linear displacements like:

Suspensions and spring cushions compression or extension.
Steering column rotation measured through the rack displacement.
Shock and suspension travel.
Ride height.
Wing or spoiler deflection at speed.


 As a simple guide, most bikes use a 150mm on the front fork, 75mm on the rear shock and 50mm for the steering damper.

Most cars use 100mm on both the front and rear suspension.


Please Note: The Potentiometer is supplied as standard with a 30cm cable. To extend the length or to connect directly to a MXL2 / MX Series Dash / EVO5 Logger. Use a 719-719 Patch Lead which is available in the optional extras at the top of the page.

If connecting to a EVO4S Data Logger or Channel Expansion, Use a 712-719 Patch Lead.



When installing the sensor be careful not to bend the internal cylinder. This can happen when over tightening the screws.

Extract the internal cylinder about 5mm from the sensor lower boundary position.

If you need to open the pop end joints.


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    AiM Car Suspension Potentiometer with Pop End Fitting

    Available in the following sizes:

    • 50mm - Pop End Fitting
    • 75mm - Pop End Fitting
    • 100mm - Pop End Fitting
    • 150mm - Pop End Fitting

    AiM Car Suspension Potentiometer with Pop End Fitting