AiM TC Hub Thermocouple Multiplier Type K Motorcycle


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AiM TC Hub Thermocouple Multiplier Type K

The Aim TC Hub is an external expansion module that allows you to increase the number of thermocouples to add to an AiM logger.

Key Features :

Configurable up to 50Hz per channel Enhance your logger performance
Simplify your wiring Five pin Binder 712 male connector

AiM TC Hub Thermocouple Multiplier Type K

The AiM TC Hub allows the simplification of sensor wiring, allowing the various sensors to plug into the hub and just one cable back to the logger. In addition, it will enable you to manage critical engine temperatures.

The TC Hub has four temperature inputs labelled TEMP 1, TEMP 2, TEMP 3 and TEMP 4. It communicates with AiM loggers by using a CAN network and supports K Type thermocouples only.

Available sensors for the TC Hub include the Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor (EGT), M5 Water/Oil Temperature Sensor and the M10 Water/Oil Temperature Sensor for cars.

AiM thermocouples are all cabled with a male Mignon connector. The TC Hub features a metallic Binder, meaning patch leads are required. The AiM thermocouple patch leads (712 3 pins) are available in 1.5m to 3m lengths in the accessories tab for this product.

Create a Network

With AiM advanced technology, you can build a network to get all your equipment working just as you want it. The network can support up to 16 expansion modules like GPS Module, Channel Expansion and another TC Hub.

If the system includes a SmartyCam, an additional power source for the network is required using the two or four-way Data Hub. The LUC One Lambda Controller can also work as a different power supply to the network.

Expand Your System

These are some of the items that can be added to your bike for incrementing performance and data.

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AiM TC Hub Thermocouple Multiplier Type K

  • Four temperture outputs 3 pin Binder 712 
  • Cable Length: 150mm
  • Cable 5 pin Binder 712 male connector
  • Waterproof: IP65

The image above shows an example of a network featuring an Aim logger and different external expansion modules and sensors.

AiM TC Hub Thermocouple Multiplier Type K

  • x 1 TC Hub 

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