Remote Button Interface Keypad - Laser Etched Inserts


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Remote Button Interface Keypad - Laser Etched Inserts

We have an extensive range of laser-etched inserts available to suit any function applications required on your keypad.

Key Features :

15mm laser-etched inserts Large range available
Durable & removable Spares

Remote Button Interface Keypad - Laser Etched Inserts

We offer a large range of 15mm laser-etched inserts that have been designed for our Remote Interface Keypads.

The laser-etched inserts have been designed to fit our Remote Interface keypads. The inserts are 15mm in size and laser etched to a high standard with a huge range of available icons to choose from.

Simply select as many inserts as you wish and add them to your shopping basket.

Please Note: The example shown above is to show how inserts will look in a keypad. The keypad is not included.

Custom your Keypad

With a fully customizable keypad, you can choose the application that's right for you.

The inserts are also easily substituted without having to take apart the keypad.

Custom your keypad in a number of applications such as Lights, Boost, Heating & Fans and Parking the list is endless.

Remote Interface Keypads

We offer a Pro range of CAN keypads which are available in 4, 6, 8 and 12 variations.

Our standard keypads are available in 8 and 12 variations.

Please see the accessories tab.

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Remote Button Interface Keypad - Laser Etched Inserts

  • Inserts: Laser Etched
  • Size: 15mm


Remote Button Interface Keypad - Laser Etched Inserts

  • Laser-etched insert
  • The amount depends on what is selected at checkout

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