Tyre Pressure Monitoring System CAN Handheld Reader

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Tyre Pressure Monitoring System CAN Handheld Reader. The handheld Reader / Programmer is available to read each wheel individually...

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System CAN Handheld Reader.

The handheld Reader / Programmer is available to read each wheel individually .

Key Features:

  • Hand Held Unit
  • Read Serial Numbers
  • Read temperature of sensor
  • Allocate or change serial numbers

TPMS Handset.

 The handset / Programmer can read each wheel individually.

It reads by close proximity whereas the CAN receiver uses a radio link to the sensors with the address of each sensor pre-defined as to which wheel is being measured.

Please Note: This handset can only be used with our Tyre Pressure Monitoring Sensors.

The receiver is pre coded with 4 sensors which it will use.

Each sensor is labelled FR, FL, RR, RL for each of the wheels of the car.

Extra wheels can be clone coded that can then be used as sets of spares for pit changes.

The wire colour codes are:

+12V - Red
Ground - Black
CAN+ - Green
CAN- - White

How to read a Sensor on the Handheld Reader.

 Power the handheld unit on, by pressing the power button.

If you require the back light of the display on, then briefly press the "TX" Button.

Hold the reader close to the sensor and press the button under where the display says "READ".

The display will show the sensor ID, the battery voltage of the sensor, the pressure bar, and the temperature in Celsius. 

Back Light

Use the green TX button when you are not in programming mode to turn on and off the backlighting.




AiM Dashes and Loggers will require a CAN Protocol which can be obtained from AiM Technologies in order to interface with the unit.

Adding Spare Sets of Wheels

 To clone a sensor first you need to know the sensor ID, by reading the one that is programmed.

Write down the sensor ID ... Example 1234AB56

Exit back to the TPMS screen.

Press the "TX" button and hold for 3 seconds.

A set of data addresses will appear on the screen.

Navigation is done with the "L" and "R" buttons.

The value is changed with the "U" and "D" buttons. (0123456789ABCDF)

1. Put in the location D1: the value 13H. (this is a fixed value)
2. Then in location D2: put the first 2 digits of the address. (Example 12H)
3. In location D3: put the next 2 digits of the address. (Example 34H)
4. In location D4: put the next 2 digits of the address. (Example ABH)
5. In location D5: put the last 2 digits of the address. (Example 56H)
6. In location D6: leave the value 00H.(This is a fixed value)

Press the "TX' Button and hold for 3 seconds, the screen changes to 'Reading".

Hold your new sensor close to the handheld unit.

You have now cloned your sensor.

To programme another sensor with same address then press next and put another new sensor near the handheld unit.

To exit, press "EXIT" until you are at the TPMS Screen.


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TPMS Hand Held Programming Unit.

  • Tyre pressure monitoring system
  • Check serial number 
  • Battery voltage 
  • Check pressure and temperature of tyre
  • The wire colour codes for receiver are: +12V - Red, Ground - Black, CAN+ - Green, CAN- - White


    • TPMS Hand Held Programming System
    • Charging cable