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Populate Selection Session List Preview Window

Populate RS3 Analysis Database

The RS3 Analysis database gets populated in two ways.

  • Automatically while downloading;
  • Manually adding sessions.

Adding sessions while downloading

Since the public beta of July 9th 2020, RS3 by default enables the flag that adds all downloaded sessions into the analysis database.

In case it doesn't happen on your PC please ensure you flag the "RS3 Analysis mode" checkbox in the "Data Download" settings (at the very bottom of the shown window).




Manually adding sessions

The import menu is available clicking the cogged wheel icon at the top of the left column in the main database page.

Selecting the menu you'll be prompted the "Import" dialog window.



Selecting "Import Folder" you will be importing all data into a specific folder and all its subfolders.

Selecting "Import File(s)" you'll be in control of which files will be added.

In both cases, upon confirmation, a new dialog will be shown, witnessing the import progression.