RS3 Analysis

RS3 Analysis

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Profiles and Layouts

Profiles and Layouts

A "profile" is a complete set of settings aimed at outputting data in analysis windows.

A profile has many possible "layouts", a layout being a set of "panel"s containing data.

Available panels are:

  • Channels list
  • Story board
  • Time/Distance
  • Movie
  • Histogram
  • Track Map
  • Track Report
  • Channels report

RS3Analysis loads a profile by default. It distinguish, by default, when you load data with video and automatically adds (unless you modify it) a video bar.


Between every window there's a splitter line. Dragging and dropping the splitter you can resize the windows.


Say we open a layout with the only movie panel in it, and we want to add a time/distance panel below the movie panel. In this case we need to right click on the movie panel, and select "Add", then "Bottom".


A new placeholder panel window will appear. Click the "Choose" button to pick the panel of the desired type.


Choose the type in the prompted window.


The desired panel widow will substitute the placeholder.


Remember to save the profile.