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The first window that's prompted when clicking on math channels icon is the one that let you apply to your sessions a number of math channels that are stored in the math channels library.

This library is populated of both channels created by AiM (default channels) and channels created by customers (we'll see how to in the next page).

This window has (several) tabs. The leftmost tab is the "General", in which you choose which channels you eventually want to apply to all runs. Other tabs are those dedicated to open runs; in these tabs you'll be choosing which channels get applied to the run itself.

In all the tabs there's a question mark button, the clicking of which brings to this help page.


This window is divided in two parts.

Channels List

The list shows you all available channels. Channels collect into groups. Channels list is searchable through a search box. The search text filters on channel name, units of measure, comment, and description.

Each list item shows the name of the channel, a leftmost icon, and some icons on the right.

Hitting the leftmost icon enables the channel for bein added to all the sessions that are opened from now on.

The icons on the right bring you to the channel description page, and let you eventually delete the channel.

Using the buttons at the top of this window, you can:

  • Add a new channel. You'll be starting a channel from scratch.
  • Edit a channel. You can modify an existing channel.
  • Clone a channel. You'll be creating a channel from an existing one.
  • Export a list of channels. You'll be choosing which group you want to export, as well as exporting all of them.
  • Import a previously exported channels list.

Channels Description

For every channel here we get displayed a comment, a short description, the computation formula and all the channels this channel relies upon.

We need to notice that all needed channels are listed using a unit of measure. It's important to notice that this unit is the one needed by the formula as it has been written. When the formula has been written this way, it will not matter which unit of measure your run channel will have, RS3 will automatically convert.

Run tab

This window is divided in three columns. The leftmost column is for the channels library, the center column is for math channels that are already in the run, the rightmost part is for the selected channel description.

The channel description works as described few rows above here.

Clicking on the apply icon in any available channel, the channel will be set to be applied to the run.

The "Test channels" button will now help in identifying possible errors while the math channels engine converts the formula for the run.

There's also the possibility, once a formula is verified for the run, to automatically apply the math channel to all the runs from the same logger.