AiM GS-Dash Car Racing Dash Display


GS-Dash Display for EVO4S & EVO5 Our GS-Dash is a compact, flexible and fully configurable graphical display, working...

GS-Dash Display for EVO4S & EVO5

Our GS-Dash is a compact, flexible and fully configurable graphical display, working along side the EVO4S & EVO5 to show you critical performance data.

Key Features:

  • Configurable Display
  • 268x128 pixel display 
  • Configurable alarm LEDs
  • 5 Configurable shift lights
  • 7 Configurable screen colours
  • IP67 Waterproof
  • Works with EVO4S & EVO5
  • 5 Pin 712 Male Spiral Cable
  • Free Race Studio 3 Download


 GS-Dash Display

Our AiM GS-Dash is a compact, flexible and fully configurable graphical display, showing data sampled by the new generation data loggers, EVO4S and EVO5.

This dash is small in dimension which makes it particularly suitable for small cockpit installation, such as Formula cars, Kit cars and Motorbikes.

The GS-Dash comes fitted with a 5 pin Binder 712 Male spiral cable which will enable you to connect your EVO4S or EVO5.

Please Note: This is a display only, and MUST be connected to a EVO4S or EVO5 Data Logger

Please Note The GS-Dash is not compatible with EVO4




With the GS-Dash you can keep constantly under control with lap times and all values coming from your vehicle's ECU, from the three-axial accelerometer and from the GPS built into the EVO4S / EVO5 data logger.

Below is an example: To give an idea of the connection to the EVO4S with potentiometer sensors, brake pressure sensor & GPS. All of these products are available in the optional extras section at the top of the page.


Connection Example 


Seven Configurable Screens

The GS-Dash is a compact structure and features a wide 268x128 pixel display to maximise readability.

The screen can be backlit in one of the seven available colours. The incorporated light sensor makes the brightness and contrast ideal in all light conditions.

Up to 9 Pages Showing your Data

The GS-Dash swaps among pages showing lap times and data in a 100% customisable way. You choose the data and create the pages displaying up to 8 fields on each. The RPM and Lap Time page layout is also available to display RPM Graph, Lap Time, and two channels of your choice.

Lap Times

You can visualise the rolling time or the predictive lap time ( as an absolute value or as a difference vs. the Best Lap)


Fully Configurable Shift Lights & Alarm LEDs

The GS-Dash has five RGB shift lights which can be individually configured for each gear, choosing LED colour and RPM threshold values for their activation. 

Alarm LEDs are managed in a very flexible way, you can choose from the situation  that generates the alarm, the LED behaviour (blinking frequently and colour) when the alarm appears and the conditions for its switch-off. A warning message can also be shown.

The shift lights and alarms are configured by using our Race Studio 3 Software.


Recall your Session Highlights 

When the session is over you can easily recall your sampled data by your EVO4S or EVO5 Data Logger.

A key data summary is available at the end of each session, the best laps of the session with their times, min/max speed and min/max RPMs. 

GS-Dash Keyboard Operations

The GS-Dash can perform some operations via the pop-up keyboard,

Enabling/disabling the backlight

Selecting the nearest track you are racing

Checking GS-Dash firmware version

Deleting the data stored in EVO4S & EVO5

Compact & Resistant Chassis

The GS-Dash small dimensions makes it particularly suitable for small cockpit installations, such as bikes, formula cars. Made with aluminium and edge to edge glass and metallic buttons our GS-Dash is robust and fully waterproof.

Prepare to unlock your potential

AiM GS-Dash Display with Spiral Cable

  • Display Resolution: 268 x 128 pixels
  • Backlight: 7 Configurable RGB colours
  • Ambient Light Sensor: Yes
  • Shift Lights: 5 Configurable RGB LEDs
  • Alarm LEDs: 4 Configurable RGB LEDs
  • Display Pages: Fully Configurable
  • Pushbuttons: Metallic
  • Dimensions: 127.8 x 82 x 22.2mm
  • Weight: 380g
  • Waterproof: IP65


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AiM GS-Dash Display 360° Product View

GS-Dash Display with Spiral Cable

  • GS-Dash with spiral cable
  • Installation Manual
  • AiM Sticker